Friday, August 1, 2014

The Netiquette Brand

The Netiquette Brand is the good people who engage others online. It started as a thought. Now, it stands for the good users of the internet and our communication conventions. The rules are taught. It is time to make it a good brand.

A brand has traditionally been recognized as a mark or insignia. I argue that the traditional definition has an inverse relationship with new media. Brands in the Information Age are the consumers who engage the content of the companies that sell the products and services. The products, logos, and other identifying marks represent the social relationships of the people who identify with them. Social media, mobile, and search allows consumers to choose products based on the activity of the online community. The brand becomes the digital relationships established by consumers because they represent the products.

Traditional methods of branding work, however, the balance in power of the relationship is changing. Companies benefit from good consumers who are digital citizens. Their online images reflect well on the products and services offered.

Building positive relationships is the basis of branding in new media. The engagement process between stakeholders provides competitive advantage in the Information Age. It is information about consumers that attracts good customers.

To build the Netiquette brand consumers have to know what to expect. You can expect blogs about the social aspects of digital relationships. The plan is to post less blogs with higher quality content and engagement. As I develop a schedule for Twitter it will be posted as well. Netiquette is being refined and turning into a side project. Informatization is growing into my career starting web design.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mobile Applied To Automobiles Gives Low Rider New Meaning

Automobiles are the new mobile. Internet on wheels is good Netiquette, low emissions is the ultimate electronic modification. The car industry is trending in technology and carving out a niche in the market that this car guy loves. The rules of netiquette now include the rules of the road.

The trend started with stories and matured with action from the internet industry. Elon Musk, a technology entrepreneur, has been successful with luxury electric cars at Tesla. Google, internet search engine, has been testing driver-less cars, expecting to bring them to market soon. The United Kingdom has passed laws for driver-less cars that go into effect in January 2015.

The is only way to explain getting lost these days is to say that the map application was incorrect because everyone has a smartphone. If you don't have one and need directions, you can ask almost anyone for help. I have been using a smartphone for turn by turn directions before I ever had an Android or iOS device.

The natural progression has been to use technology to lower car emissions from automobiles while bringing the internet and other applications to their use because it provides some balance. Car emissions and electricity consumption are causing global warming. Lowering car emissions while increasing electricity consumption at a lower rate is a trade off because it does not make the problem worse. It is proper Netiquette.

Internet applications in cars are cool to car guy like me. I am geek who loves muscle cars, low riders, and euros. I have never used Uber even though I have the App. I do use Apps to unlock car doors, get directions, and for mobile search.

I envision an App economy that allows you to add apps to tweak the performance of your car. I know I could sell an App to make you drive like my Mother. My Mother is the calmest driver in the world. We may not need a car without a driver, but a custom app to optimize our experience may help.

The application of software to our driving experience has a lot of possibilities. Mobile has new meaning. Low emission automobiles are part of it as well all of the electronics automobiles entail. It's good Netiquette to app up your in transit experience. That means use apps to optimize your travel because that is the definition of mobile now, some 'thing' that moves.

David Chiles
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Informatization of Netiquette

Cowboy Up! Informatization across every nation. There is a lot that still needs to be done, but it is no longer a Korean and Chinese show. I am in a lot of stores now and have defined Netiquette, now it is time to team-up with everyone, Informatization. It is a Chinese plan to out-Smart us, but now it is about teamwork. For the record, the current government is not valid, Alibaba and his 40 Chinese are coming to Wallstreet : D True & kidding, it's part of the informatization process to become aware.

This blog is about my two book series that I am launching in all languages. Cowboy Up! Translates into the Informatization Book Series & Netiquette Book Series. The goal of the series is two fold, there are two book series, use and usefulness. Netiquette is about using the Internet. Informatization is about useful apps. My hope is to create an atmosphere of Apps beyond my test market demographics.

My books can be found on Amazon in Google Play on Facebook  and iTunes. In addition, I am releasing the first book with rules in it shortly. Everything is getting cleaned up and rolled out. Internet Users Guide is 0, The Principles of Netiquette is 1. Internet Etiquette is 1.0. Social Media is planned as 2.0.

The Informatization Book Series starts at 1 with Apps. In its initial release it will be translated in all test marketed languages. Every language that has a Netiquette following. Then the Amazon store languages. Finally, the most popular world languages. 

That is my schedule this week, as I prepare Informatization as an edition to my portfolio and release a book. The Information Age is the next book in the Informatization Book Series. An unnamed Eco-Living book to start a new series test marketed on my Facebook page will follow.

Basically, if my books are not on a device that your comfortable with reading them on they are coming to everything. You can buy an ebook PDF on Facebook if you Like. I want to influence you to buy my books, not trick you into it. They are designed to give you an introduction into the new economy where effective communication is the currency. The Information Age is within the framework of Netiquette. Make products, make money, practice proper Netiquette, my two book series are about how.

I think that it is funny that they would make laws in Europe about the right to be forgotten when they do not make cell phones. Shout out to M-dogg (Microsoft) for holding it down for America. The Internet is backed up in a library in Egypt in the Wayback machine, so it does not really matter what you think you have a right to. You have no right to erase the public record of another database. has been in the Wayback machine since 2007.

I took a course at Cornell that provided a mathematical understanding of engagement metrics. This gave me the ability to think of the internet more clearly and write that way. Another Mooc I took by Google was instrumental in understanding social aspects of search. For the most part I only read American media technology stories. My books are a product of the best education, they are the spirit of America. I was never was in Gang because I am a Cowboy. Cowboy Up! Informatization of Netiquette. Buy into the future of America, buy into the future of the world, buy a book in my series.

David Chiles
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

UX Mex

I got a friend request from someone in Texas and thought of Tex Mex food this morning when I was having coffee at Starbucks doing a Check-in on Foursquare. UX Mex is how I would describe my web design. High level simplicity is how I would describe my writing. Every writing contest I ever won had short to mid range length sentences. 

UX, user design, is a segment of web design that describes the user interface (UI) or graphical user design (GUI). UX Mex is what I do best. I have a popular website by design, Netiquette. I am encouraged by the comments in this blog to take UX to a new level with big fonts in For the most part I have been working with white space. Responsive white with big letters and small graphics is the next level.

The few people who have seen my designs outside of third graders like it. All the schools that I liked on Facebook are schools that used my site enough to register on server statistics. I looked up their locations with reverse IP Lookups. 

I like the acronym GUI because it sounds like it flows. In my humble opinion the words have to flow from left to right as the foundation of a page. Video on a page slows things down, but is crucial for extended engagement. People stay on my pages for like five minutes. I have experimented with it enough to know what works. Reading the Talent Code (Coyle, 2009) really helped me get the confidence to build Informatization with the latest version of Bootstrap and a big idea.

In conclusion, it is time for me to scale up the way Caleb on Big Brother says Cowboy Up this season. Beast Mode Cowboy is a cup of coffee for geek : ) I appreciate the feedback on my UX designs and will follow it. Who knows, maybe I will get to design a site for a regular audience one day. Big face fonts is going to target the elder population and students with useful apps. 

David Chiles
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Big Data Needs Netiquette

Big data is the promise of an optimized existence. However, we cannot forget the principles of Database computing, "Garbage In Garbage Out", GIGO. If erroneous information is input into a given data system the information is detrimental rather than useful.

Big data is massive amounts of data. The use and manipulation of it is generally considered part of the term. It is a buzzword in the internet industry.

Police reports are a good example of bad information. I say this because the Chicago Police recently used their big data in deployment of police officers over the Fourth of July Holiday and there was still a violent crime wave. The President of the United States and his political allies cannot make piece in their own district. It has to be bad data.

I know that the police lie on police reports. I have displayed false police reports in this blog. I speculate people lie to police as well. The police lie and the people making the reports lie. The information is entered into a database. It is garbage in, which makes everything that comes from that data garbage out. Data accuracy needs to be a campaign slogan in the Information Age or dare I say that proper Netiquette should be a campaign slogan.

I give the Chicago police credit for trying. Los Angeles has had a steep decrease in crime since I went around to all the housing projects turning on maintenance staff smartphones that used the push to talk feature. This is a feature that is being rolled out in Los Angeles City Government that I learned about at a recent conference.

I am not responsible for the drop in crime, but what I was doing is. The maintenance workers of America are the people who manage it because they clean up after everyone. Providing everyone, managers especially, with communication tools will make the data better. Implement Netiquette education in schools based on and I guarantee a drop in crime. People need to be taught how to use technology. This is not a campaign slogan. It's just a thought for America.

Barack Obama is President partly because of his good Netiquette. His campaign practiced proper netiquette to get him elected using Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. I speculate that is what they tried to do with their big data to reduce crime over the Fourth of July weekend. I further speculate that they should have used Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus because some people are more truthful to their friends than to police. In any event, algorithms have to be developed to account for bad data.

The BJP political party in India is another prime example of people at the top using big data to get power. They provided their candidates with Netiquette lessons and won. The people at the top are using big data from accurate sources, third parties. It's slavery, halfway kidding, because they use bad data to govern us and third party data to get elected.

My call to action is for netiquette in education because of the principle of database programming, Garbage In Garbage Out. Barrack Obama is garbage and that is why the Chicago Police could not stop the violence. It is a fact that good leadership decreases crime. The President is a criminal and that is why they cannot control criminals in Chicago.

To base my claim on more facts, the President of the United States Barrack Obama is a lawyer. Based on evidence I have provided in this blog the American Bar Association has conspired to deny minorities of their constitutional rights as a means of practice. He is guilty of murder by association based on the death penalty's use and our law, conspiracy and organized crime laws. This audio tape contains evidence of the ABA conspiracy by his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I hope to play it in court and ask why she is not in jail. 

David Chiles
The Principles of Netiquette

Monday, July 21, 2014

Online Entrepreneurship

Someone yelled  me a "Spic" at me from a car this weekend. All I could think was, wow thanks. I know to postpone the release of my next book a couple of days. I changed the title and will release it at the end of the month. I guess the white woman that yelled it at me takes my intellectual property seriously. She hates my Apps book because it is so good. I am an online entrepreneur.

Online entrepreneurship is using the internet in a new way to support transactions for goods and services of a defined monetary value. It is good Netiquette. It is not necessarily starting a business, but it is about making money. The entrepreneurial spirit is one that does new things, takes on risks, and over comes obstacles. Entrepreneurs know they can be successful and are will to take the risk to do it. 

The Information Age is being brought about by online entrepreneurs. The Information Age is not that ominous. We already have a lot of information for the age. The Information Age is more about access to information and selling intellectual property. They are two separate things. Online entrepreneurs are starting a new economy that could prove to make the world a more fairer place because more people will be working together with the information of the age.

I am not talking about the start-ups in the internet industry. Most of the start-ups in the internet know they will fail. Entrepreneurs know they will be successful. Knowing your going to fail is anti-entrepreneurial. 

I know I am successful on some level because a white woman has to yell out "spic" at me in the shadow of the Mother of Los Angeles. I know Hillary Clinton comes from a racist community because I have experienced similar racist actions three times. What they failed to realize is that my life was ordained by the Mother of Los Angeles because my parents were married there. 

According to God and Natural Law they will be killed. To put it another way, I pray for your deaths, you will be named in my lawsuit. I want specific performance to follow the law. I will exercise my Constitutional Rights once they are determined. Everyone who believes God is against the Alhambra Police and the people who did to me in principles. We all agree that lying, assaulting, and being racist is against God. Everyone who believes in God believes the US government should be brought to justice for the crimes that they have committed or this is not a country. I do not know how to do anything about it because I am looking for a front end programming job. I have a duty as a citizen to be a productive member of society, but do not have an oath to do anything necessary according to the Constitution.

That is stuff that may make a person mad. I am not mad about what was said to me. I will follow the law for everything that has been done to me as a result. However, I want to focus on what it meant for me as an entrepreneur. It meant that I am being recognized for my entrepreneurial actions on the internet. 

Prior to being called a "Spic" I released a short book about mobile apps, Apps: Everything You Need To Know, in several languages. It should be in Apple iTunes store in a couple of weeks. This book is the start of the world Informatization process because I wrote it. South Korea and China practice my version of Netiquette as part of the Informatization process. I made a conscious decision to include the world. 

Being called a "spic" made me realize that I should take what I am doing more seriously because South Korea, China, and Whites do. Netiquette started out as a joke in 1982 and I am a person who is always joking. For the record, I cannot take myself seriously because the messed up stuff that happened to me is so laughable.

I had not planned on promoting my Apps book. I just wanted to get my name out before I published my next book, Internet Etiquette: Netiquette Fundamentals, Rules, & Optimization. I guess I will take my book a little more seriously. Prior to today it was called Internet Etiquette, Netiquette Principles, Practice, & Power. 

In conclusion, I encourage everyone to have fun on the internet in an entrepreneurial way. Do what you know works and try and make some money at it. Don't take yourself too seriously and you may become successful.

David Chiles
The Principles of Netiquette

Friday, July 18, 2014

Text Is Fundamental

The internet is a medium of transmission. Text is the easiest data to transmit through the internet because file sizes are small. It is the arrangement of letters in words as the main part of writing. Text is the body of a message. 

On the internet it is the message we send rather than the topic or names of recipients that may also be included. Since it is easier to send text through the internet, it is good Netiquette because it is effective communication. Text is fundamental.

Most websites use text to communicate. Social media websites use a lot of text. Posting text in social media is called a status update. Email is text based communication that is accessed through websites and sent through the internet. Educational websites are another type of website that rely heavily on text. Most online classes post quizzes with text boxes to input answers. Text based educational forums answer questions for online students. 

Text is everywhere on the internet. It can be found in a lot in social media, education, and email. It is fundamental part of our internet experience.

We engage the internet with text. Reading is looking at words and letters to comprehend the meaning through interpretation of the text or graphics. Writing is the creation of text and graphics so others can comprehend the meaning. To engage is to give your attention to something.

Read, write, engage. Practice proper Netiquette.

David Chiles
The Principles of Netiquette

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mature Apple

Apple is not so cool anymore, but they are popular. Apple is good Netiquette. My book is in the iTunes Store

They are so popular the biggest country in the world, China, is hating on them. I hope it is a good thing for America. Apple is mainstream. 

Apple Computers is maturing into a mainstream American Corporation. It is the new Ford. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other high profile tech companies are the face of business in the United States. It is not blue collar anymore. It is geek. (I can think of really great Toastmasters speech about it : D )

There are many reasons that Apple is becoming mainstream. It is a natural step in its maturation process as a company. Apple recently announced a deal with IBM that will allow Apple to sell Apps to IBM's customer base and use their data. (Apple's Partnership with IBM Forbes). The iPhone is becoming affordable and Android has better models.

It is a proven high end business strategy to mass produce products once the market has matured. Facebook started out exclusive and then became mainstream after it opened membership up to everyone. The deal just announced gives them access to a new class of user. It is similar to Facebook opening itself up to everyone in a lot ways because Facebook is heavily used by businesses, which is the new class of Apple users based on a new deal. 

I look at it like the recent stock split. It made Apple stock more affordable per share, but the company more valuable as whole. Apple will become more valuable to America as it becomes more of an integral part in how it is run. They may have the opportunity to hire a lot of people in the future. I am saying that, just based on the fact that China is hating on them. 

The bottom line is that the iPhone has come down in price and Apple is adding business class customers. It's more mature. The iTunes store now has my book : )

David Chiles
The Principles of Netiquette

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Equality Netiquette Rule For The New School

There is a growing trend of equality and human rights in the world. It is popular. It is proper Netiquette.

Equality is proper Netiquette because Netiquette is based on the Golden Rule, not just because it is popular. The Golden Rule is to treat others the way you want to be treated. It is the original human right to treat others with respect and be treated with respect. It is sometimes referred to as the rule of reciprocity.

Reciprocity is the duty to due to do something in return after it is done for you. It implies equality because it infers treatment equal to that which you give. Equality is the principle rule of Netiquette. Netiquette is something that everyone is beginning to recognize.

We are all equal even those with physical or cognitive challenges. I am not saying we are all capable of doing the same things. I am saying that we are all capable of working together with mutual respect for each other. There is a standard that we agree is civilized.

Working together with everyone with mutual respect is proper Netiquette. It is equality.

David Chiles
The Principles of Netiquette

Monday, July 14, 2014

Apple, The iPhone is Made China

The title of this blog says enough, but I will explain it to those who trust Apple or China. China has claimed the iPhone is a national security threat. Apple has claimed that it is not a national security threat. 

It is proper netiquette to be aware. The fact is that China is the authority on electronics and hacking. They have been charged with espionage by the Justice Department for hacking our utilities. If the Chinese government is claiming that a mobile device is a threat to National Security it is because they know it is. 

I do not trust China one bit. It means every mobile device with similar technology poses a national security threat as well. I speculate that they have already hacked the technology. Furthermore, they are going against Apple because it is the best electronics manufacturer in America. 

I know from experience that governments track citizens and commits crimes against the sovereignty of countries. It happened to me and the United States laws say that it is necessary to bear arms against the current entity claiming to be the US Government for what they have done to me. I am filing a lawsuit and leaving, but that is a separate issue. The thing that bothers me the most is that the Ambassador to China is someone who is responsible for what happened and so is the presidents adviser. 

In conclusion, it would be unethical for me not to raise awareness about this issue because it is the underlying issue, data security, that made the United States Government traitors who have to be put to death according the Constitution. Mobile devices are insecure. The data can easily be compromised and governments use the data against people.

David Chiles
The Principles of Netiquette