Friday, January 23, 2015

SMART Cord Cutting Netiquette

It is SMART to cut the Cable Television cord because you know what you Like. Algorithms help make human decisions. Violence can be tuned out completely. 

There is finally enough online content to replace cable television with free and premium on demand video from the internet. A little bit of Netiquette is involved. You have to be SMART

SMART is an acronym that does not only apply to your telephone. SMART applies to everything internet because it is a reference to the Information Age economy. It stands for, Self Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology (SMART). Network programming is stupid because Networks make content decisions for you. It takes the 'S' out of SMART.

Video On Demand (VOD) is SMART because it relies on user input to determine what to watch and when. VOD is SMART. Cable television service provides video channels with content programmed for maximum advertising revenue. Revenue maximization by a network is against the self interest of subscribers. 

I cut the cord on cable television many years ago because I was fed up with the content I was being forced to consume. Networks are teaching people who feel left out to commit acts of violence. Minorities are shown as violent in news, video, and film. Nerds and Muslims go on homicidal rages in the news. I stopped watching television all together and planned to make Netiquette.

Make no mistake, I blame the media in the USA for cultural violence because they teach it. The education system is leaving people out while the media is including them in a violent education. Black on black crime is crime by itself. Showing it disproportionately encourages it. 

Video in America teaches people left out of the main stream to be violent criminals. Blacks are one example. We need more movies like Revenge of The Nerds rather than urban warfare re-enactments.

My call to action is to cut the cord. No more cable or network television. Watch and share video with a positive message. It is alright to laugh. Comedy is fun. 

VOD Networks
  • Crackle
  • Netflix
  • Redbox
  • CBS

The choice of content is up to the viewer on these networks. Each of these networks has non-violent categories of video. CBS has a lot of reality television shows that depict participants over coming obstacles. Redbox is a VOD service for DVD's that can be picked up at local kiosks.

In conclusion, the Information Age is changing consumption from mass marketing to SMART. Television networks are becoming groups of people who provide each other recommendations for good VOD content. This type of television consumption is exactly as the words Television Network are defined In Real Life, IRL.

David Chiles
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Computer Intuition & Netiquette Nuances

Sometimes you can 'feel' what comes next when your using the internet. I can tell when I have input something the computer does not like. Computers evoke emotions in human beings. Feelings can be hard to describe. A lot has to be inferred.

I can just feel it when my inbox has a lot of messages. I have that feeling right now. There is a sort of dread in the back of my mind. I know I have a chore to do.

It is proper Netiquette to keep a clean inbox. So, I have to check my email soon. That is a nuance of Netiquette. 

One of the core rules of Netiquette is to reply to messages on time. A message has to be received and understood in time for an on time reply. A clean inbox is required to follow the core rules of Netiquette. This is a nuance of the reply rule.

Computer culture is intuitive. There is a whole segment of the web design industry devoted to making it easier to 'interact with our inboxes'. It is called UX Design. A good web site is good Netiquette because it is intuitive.

I like to joke that, "If it is not as easy as Microsoft Word, it is hard". The joke is about UX Design. Everything Microsoft is intuitive because it is taught. Familiar practices, a 'clean' white background for example, are recognized in web design that contribute to the overall success of a website.

My computer intuition tells me that a website with more than three advertisements on one page is going a little too far. Based on my experience reputable advertising companies limit page advertisements to three. Basically, one square ad is acceptable. Two ads indicates profit influence. Three ads indicates profit motive.

I like engaging with people to share ideas and information. I have purchased many books online. I sell books online. I visit websites and make websites. We all do. It is the Information Age we have get in touch with our inner selves to use our computer intuition and practice Netiquette nuances. 

David Chiles
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Internet Etiquette, Netiquette Best Sellers, & Popular Books

The trailers for my best selling books and Romantic language editions have been published on my web site, YouTube, and Vimeo. 
Netiquette Books for by David Chiles, David Paul Chiles Publishing, are truly world renown based on the feedback from Google Play alone. 
The promotions section of the Netiquette Newsletter has the best sellers. The Articles of Netiquette has popular book trailers. My demographic observation about social order has held true in the review of my books. 

Korea and Japan have favorable reviews. Mixed reviews from Hispanic readers, which could be the result of Principles of Netiquette being too long. Strong sales in the French market. The best Amazon reviews.

This is the trailer for the next book I am promoting in the cycle of books. It takes a long time to create the necessary content to promote a book. As a result, I am releasing books in the series while promoting books as the content begins to trend. 

Internet Etiquette is the book everyone wanted the Principles of Netiquette to be. It explains the Netiquette philosophy referencing the Golden Rule as the rule of reciprocity without placing emphasis on its religious creation. A major effort was made for paragraph unity and cohesion throughout the book.

Buy Now! AmazonGoogle Play, & iTunes

Internet Etiquette: Netiquette Fundamentals, Rules, & Optimization is an introduction to the social class of Internet Etiquette. Informatization may now occur because there is a proper way of using the internet according to community standards established in this book. The order is established, equality is inherent in the class based on the Golden Rule and Netiquette Words explained in The Principles of Netiquette. This book has a lot to offer, it:
  • Provides the fundamentals of Internet Etiquette;    
  • Walks you through the definition of the IoT & Information Age;
  • Includes Netiquette rules for effective online communication;
  • Explains SMART optimization techniques;
  • Establishes a Glossary of Netiquette Words for understanding the internet;
  • Shares a list of commonly used technology acronyms;
The books before this in the Netiquette Book Series contain common knowledge explanations of the internet that we use everyday. This book explains the proper way to use it. In the Netiquette Book Series there is the Internet Users Guide, Principles of Netiquette, and Internet Etiquette. Internet Users Guide contains principle social media strategies for engagement. Apps: Everything You Need To Know is part of a related book series, which is a natural step in the progression of the order, informatization.

David Chiles
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Updates & Bug Fixes

Updates and bug fixes is a common phrase in the description of Mobile Apps in their second version and above. is no different than any other web App except that kids are taught to use it. Teaching kids to use Netiquette is adding value to positive online communication. made some changes to keep up. This video is a trailer for the new site.

There have been updates to the site to be in "Best Practice" with the Web Design industry. Bug fixes have been rolled out to add new security to Netiquette. New sections and the Netiquette Newsletter have been added. Books in several languages have been published.

Trailers for many of the Netiquette Books have been released in the Netiquette Newsletter promotions section. More can be found in the Books section of the Articles of Netiquette. The Netiquette Newsletter YouTube Channel has book trailers as well.


A Twitter Bootstrap landing and about pages were added to Netiquette. The look and feel of the site may seem a little like Twitter because many of the same styles were used on the index and about pages. The Twitter Bootstrap is a well respected style guide in the Web Design industry. It is a 'Best Practice'.

Bug Fixes:

Netiquette has been constantly hacked for years. I did not tell anyone because I cannot determine all the ways it was hacked. I have determined that scripts in the desktop version of the site have been hacked. They are being removed. The Mobile site is promoted over the desktop version as a result.

New Features:

There are three sections of Netiquette. Two new sections were added. The Articles of Netiquette is a new section that provides a foundation for Netiquette Rules. They are short descriptions of the Principles of Netiquette. Netiquette Rules are being updated for spelling and accuracy. The Netiquette Newsletter is a monthly email newsletter with periodic news posts. Sign up on the website.

The books are selling and site traffic is growing. Thank you for all your support. Practice proper Netiquette.

David Chiles
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Business Networking Netiquette IRL

I released a new book recently and have started going to meetups again. This is why I am writing about Business Netiquette today. Social networking offline can raise your profile online. I hope to release a couple of more books this month. Meetups raise your profile.

As a disclaimer, I write meetup but have not fully defined the term. It is actually something an ex-girlfriend used to say all the time, before the site ever existed. We had different parts of speech for it and everything. When I write meetup, I actually mean an EventBrite event, possibly a MeetUp event. EventBrite is a little more official.

  • EventBrite means business. 
  • MeetUp requires a good reason to go. 
  • Microsoft means business.
  • Toastmasters is social.
  • Backroom meetups are engaging.

This is how I do it. The meet and greet. I do not think I would necessarily be friends with any of the people I meet. These are people I have a drink with, two at most. I am willing to help them with my connections and see if they can help me with theirs. We do this by meeting and greeting.

It works. I know because my Internet Etiquette book is ranked higher than Emily Post's Etiquette for the Keyword Internet Etiquette on Amazon. Good old fashioned hand shaking and card giving generates hits, clicks, and views.

You know it is a good meetup if everyone is asking everyone else what they do. Participants should be asking what everyone does within the first fifteen minutes. That is the ice breaker. It is whatever everyone else's agenda is after that. Meetups with introductions are always good (Shout out to Carbon Five).

Make everyone feel comfortable. I like to try to make people smile. My friend told me that he has a goal of making people laugh in group situations. He does this with a joke. I try and get a smile before I move on to the next person. It is the role of joke master for the day in Toastmaster terms.

Honestly, I am only promoting my books and letting people know that I am looking for a job. If they have jobs available I am sure they would tell me. I have actually had people approach me for jobs. Very uncomfortable to say the least. I would not ask, but am looking for one.

There is no way to claim to be professional without an office. I am not sure what to call myself because all of my transactions take place on other peoples websites. I am down with Other Peoples Payment methods. My workstation looks like the stock brokers desk from the movie the Wolf of WallStreet in when he first started out. It is that small. 

The reason I mention myself is that I am probably not going to answer my phone. Check my messages and not return your call if you do not give me a card. If your card has a gmail, hotmail, or any other free email address I probably will not return your call. I will add you on LinkedIn if we had a good talk. 

My goal is to raise my profile and or get a job. Going to meetups is one of the resources I found that works. This can be measured by the number of contacts made at meetups. Furthermore, I have seen a measurable rise in the ranking of my books that corresponds directly to event participation. 

I am not looking for anything but good conversation. Hopefully we can help each other. See you at the next meetup.

David Chiles
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Monday, January 12, 2015 Maintenance Survey

My contest project,, is coming together in the planning stages. I have an idea of what I want to do mapped out with the technologies I am using. The Maintenance Survey has been written. It follows:

Maintenance Survey
  1. The redesigned will be updated monthly with new planning resources.
  2. Resources must be located and or created. Links will be posted. Documents will be on the site for download.
  3. October CMS will be used to update the site.
  4. It will be maintained as a personal site in the portfolio of David Chiles as part of the Netiquette Cloud.
  5. Graphic changes will be made and uploaded as needed to keep up with the internet culture.
  1. No new sections are planned.

  1. PHP, Bootstrap 3X, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS knowledge are required to update the site.
It is time for me to start my Agile sprints for production. This week is going to be my first sprint. At the end of the day I want full wire frames for the entire site. At the end of the week, login, registration, and resources. Next week, planners. Lastly, I will ad a Newsletter sign up form. A powerful productivity planning App for everyone!

David Chiles
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Sunday, January 11, 2015 Expanded Tech Check

I am finishing up the planning stages for a contest website. It gives me a weird feeling in my stomach. Kind of like a real competition. I know I can do what I have planned, but some of the things I have never programmed before. Scary.

This design project is Agile. Agile development calls for two week sprints of work. I am going to start sprinting tomorrow. The Expanded Tech Check maps out the work that needs to be done based on the sites core functions. Design and layout is still forthcoming.

Expanded Technology Checklist
  1. The site currently has no features. It is a landing page.
  2. I hope to add search, log in, newsletter sign-up, and discussion board features.
  3. No e-commerce transactions are planned for the site.
  4. There will be a log in and registration incorporated into the site.
  5. October CMS is the Content Management System (CMS) planned for dynamically updating content.
  6. The site does not need to integrate old databases. New databases are planned. There will be a live database and a test database.
  7. The Twitter Bootstrap Scripts and code that have already been established will be used. Extensions will be added. A powerful productivity planning App for everyone!

David Chiles
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Saturday, January 10, 2015 Communication Brief

The premise of, a site I am entering into a web design contest, is a Grandpa Art saying. "If you do not have plan, then you plan to fail" Arturo Raya. I completed a Client Survey for the project and posted it in a previous blog. 

All planning material will be blogged to show my "Best Practices". This blog is about the Communication Brief. It follows:

Communication Brief

Project Summary

The project is to create an easy to use planner website application with calendar capabilities. The primary goal is to create a website that helps people with "Best Practices" for my portfolio. The secondary goal is to win the competition to get into the internet industry (to get a job). Long-term goals for the project are 5 million accounts in the first three years of operation.

Audience Profile

The target audience for the Productivity Planner App are Digital Citizens. Everyone is a Digital Citizen in the Information Age. Education, Finance, Government, and Technology industries are early adopters of the Information Age.

Digital Citizens use the internet daily. They have an email address, social media account, and access to the internet. Internet is generally from a Smartphone and in their occupation. Women may be more inclined than men to use the App based on the fact that they are overrepresented in a key demographic of users, elementary school teachers. Occupations of other user profiles include: Students, Teachers, Financial Analysts, Investors, and Civil Servants.

These people care about their families. Social issues are of great concern because it is their job to learn, teach, invest in, and serve society. The right and wrong way of doing things is important to this demographic.

Digital Citizens are interested in the Productivity Planner App at because it makes them more productive. Planning is efficient. The project helps them live a better life through planning. Organization and resources are why they return. Planning is organized. Resources provided help. Success will entice repeat visits.

The target audience should test out the planning process in response to the new online presence. The target audience supports Netiquette. They think Netiquette is great. The current website is in "Best Practices" but needs to be completed. 

Communication Strategy

Overall goals will be met by communicating effectively with the target audience. The message of the site is to plan for success. Identify goals. Strategize. Achieve.

This goal will be reached by effective copy messages. A specific plan button on the landing page will go toward the goal. The click will take users on a path to productive planning.

Blog the message during the planning phase. Share the message copy with site links after the first 'Agile Sprint'. Success will be measured by Google, accounts, and contest judges.

Competitive Positioning is different from other calendars and planners because it is small scale and simple. Calendar and planning Apps are complicated. They have features for planning everything in many ways. This App let's the user decide what plans to make in a simple format.

The Netiquette web presence is different from the competition because it is primarily Social Media profiles. Good customers of the competition use my website. Actually, there is no competition, Netiquette is complimentary to all internet related companies. The message copy of Netiquette by David Chiles is working. My portfolio of sites has seen an increase in traffic since I posted the Client Survey and project initiation summary in blogs. A powerful productivity planning App for everyone!

David Chiles
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Friday, January 9, 2015

A Netiquette Plan for Success

I have been trying to figure out exactly how to get into the web design industry for a while. Submitting job applications on Career websites is not working. The only time it has ever worked for me has been when I already know someone in the company. I speculate that it is because people who know me know how hard I work.

As a result of not getting responses from jobs applied to and only getting calls from recruiters for senior level positions, I have decided to show and prove what I can do from start to finish. is the domain I am using to enter a web design contest. A professional Web Designer/Developer starts a web design project with a client survey.

A client survey answers basic questions about the project and current site. It is proper Netiquette to complete a client survey before beginning web design project because it clarifies the project. I have done one as a class assignment for Web Team Concepts. The one I made for the contest is based on conversations with recruiters.

Client Survey:



2. 2139843294

3. Launch Sept 30

4. Budget 3 hours per day

Current Site (Class Project Calendar)

1. Usability is good.

2. Organization brings the calendar together.

3. It is too much to think about.

Three things to change:

  • Add Goals, strategy, and action steps for calendar engagement.
  • Add new features.
  • Include account synchronization.

4. Usability testing was done. New feedback will be gathered from forums.

5. Current look and feel are not imporant.


1. Contest, portfolio, career advancement.

2. Productivity (personal growth), accounts.

3. The main business problem I am going to solve is certainty.

4. SMO Prospector Strategy is currently being employed. Likes and analytics will measure success.


1. Digital Citizens

2. Plan, monitor update actions will be taken.

3. Simplicity, Support, Service

There is a placeholder website with introductory text live in the domain now and I am building a calendar type planner. I am sticking with my own innovative design ideas from yesterday. Brown writing, single column layout, and the use of arches. These things are going to be added into the work flow when they arise. I am following the format of the Web Redesign 2.0 Cotler Goto.

Feedback is welcome. I have laid out what I plan to do, however, the actual client is the user. Good feedback will be addressed.

As Tye Pendington would say, 'The redesign starts now!'

David Chiles
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Friday, December 5, 2014

Eventbrite Android App Netiquette Rules

Principles of Netiquette Cloud
Principles of Netiquette Cloud
I tried to go to an Eventbrite event one time that was about the exact problems I was having at the time designing my portfolio. The address was removed from the App on the day of the event. I ended up spending a lot of money I did not have without getting the information I needed. Darn it.

I should have practiced better Netiquette. Instead of going to the event I went to the Grille. I was starving after walking around Hollywood trying to find the place. I have had some real fun at Eventbrite events by practicing better Netiquette.

Eventbrite Android App Netiquette Rules
  • It is proper Netiquette to print the email confirmation, ticket, for Eventbrite events.
  • It is proper Netiquette to add Eventbrite events to your online calendars. 
  • It is proper Netiquette to write the address of Eventbrite events down on paper for your reference.
  • It is proper Netiquette to visit the website of the event sponsor prior to the event.
  • It is proper Netiquette to view the social media profiles of attendees when public.

There are a lot of good reasons for these rules. I hope to be able to share them on my Netiquettes for Apps website that is under construction. Right now I am getting the hang of modern PHP frameworks in order to get a job. My first real example for my portfolio is planned for Netiquettes for Apps site. 

David Chiles
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