Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Advertising, Self Promotion, & Network Etiquette

The word Netiquette and its original form, network etiquette, apply well to the concept of advertising and self promotion. Advertising is what all businesses do. There is a section for it on tax forms. Self promotion is what all people do. We communicate.

Everyone advertises their business and promotes themselves. Passive advertising and reasonable communication are acceptable in all circumstances. Passive advertising is telling someone what you do for a living. Self promotion is sharing good experiences.

Passive advertising for business and personal communication for people is proper Netiquette. There are rules for acceptable behavior online and offline. In real life (irl) there are rules against soliciting. Many people post signs in their homes that say, 'no soliciting'.

As a caveat, if you are around new people for more than 15 minutes and no one asks you what you do for a living, they are bad people. It is something I have learned from networking a lot.

Blatant Self Promotion (BSP) online is similar to soliciting irl. Most people do not want their homepages cluttered with requests to make a purchase. We want our homepages to be about an experience. Some advertising on a profile page is acceptable. It is like placing a sign in your yard. If there are a lot of signs people might think your crazy or just don't get it.

Netiquette Rules for Advertising & BSP

  • It is proper Netiquette to post your profession in online profiles with a link to your site.
  • It is proper Netiquette to refrain from posting product links for affiliate marketing in social media comments.
  • It is proper Netiquette to qualify your social media posts with work experience and professional expertise.
  • It is proper Netiquette to advertise your business if it is directly related to the content your commenting on.
  • It is proper Netiquette to post all forms of advertising or promotion manually. Auto-posting promotions is spam.

These are a few rules I came up with as I employ a mobile first strategy for Netiquette. The Mobile site uses a WordPress theme that allows comments. I have received various types of comments. Honestly, the posts by professionals in Web Design are the ones I am most proud of, even though they are advertising. It is acknowledgement of my own skills. Advertising is not all bad.

David Chiles
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Twitter Best Practices Netiquette

A few weeks ago I was talking with the office manager on the 36th floor of 515 S. Flower St. in Los Angeles (DTLA). I was checking in, when I mentioned how excited I was about my upcoming book, Best Practices: Social Media, Mobile, and Search Netiquette. He gave me such bad advice I was scared. All I could think was that an Armenian family told me not to trust 'white people'. I took flight as fast as comfortably possible. 

Social Media 'best practices' are the online engagement tactics that work best for professionals in the industry. The word Netiquette in my book limits the use of 'best practices' to what is comfortably acceptable between those engaging social media for purely social reasons.
Netiquette is the social code of the internet for everyone. Netiquette best practices work for everyone. 
Back to the example. I have been trained to connect with people socially, but was completely unprepared for hate sabotage. This training taught me to find agreement when I disagree and 'leave the door open'.

The office manager explained that he often retweeted infographics. Then went on to say that placing a Twitter feed on my site would increase my followers. He made a great argument. Anyone who did not know any better would have believed him. He dresses nicer than me, follows all business customs and standards, and is very well spoken, softly.

He was talking and I was thinking there was a Holocaust of the Armenian people. I know because I prayed with them for the victims. The family that told me not to trust white people was different. I was experiencing real hate disguised by a suit and tie, a uniform, which I know Armenians have experienced.

I stuck to my training and took flight. Walking away, I mentioned that I retweet only the 'best' infographics in agreement. Then offered the general Netiquette practice of following and unfollowing in moderation to gain followers. When pushed, I told him outright, 'look for people who use your keywords and follow their followers'. It is one of my Twitter Netiquette Best Practices.

Putting a Twitter feed on your site is bad Netiquette. 
  • First of all, it slows down the loading of your site because it requires a request and a response to the Twitter domain, which is huge. 
  • Second of all, it is a script, which are notoriously hacked. 
  • Third of all, encouraging people to click away from your domain defeats the purpose of the domain. 
I know from experience that feeds get hacked because I found broken links and misspelled words that I know did not write or code on pages with a SoundClick feed. Every page the script on was hacked. This led me to contact technical support who confirmed that scripts are often hacked. I do not know the extent of the hack.

The advice he gave me would ruin my site, get me sued, and generally hurt the internet. It was just plain wrong and he had to know it or he is a bad manager. If not a bad manager, he is a bad person. No matter what, it was all bad.

In conclusion, do not trust anyone who does not qualify their statements with information that can be verified and referenced. I would not say do not trust white people, but at that moment, I understood why they told me. It is easy to know not to trust an African American because they offer a lot of advice that clearly does not work or they would be better off. 
I think of advice similar to a technical manual. If there is no bibliography it is horse dung. My new book is due out early next year.
David Chiles
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Google Maps Netiquette Rules

Netiquettes for Apps rules are working. Using Apps are good Netiquette. Friday's blog got me over 20k hits. It also got me food poisoning at Popeye's. I am naming them as a Military target in a suit. Same with Ralph's. Bearing arms is not my decision, but I know it is the law. 

Someone tried to kill me after Church on Sunday as well. I know how Jesus felt. I can't wait to go in front of judge, but I will because I am not going to let anyone stop me from completing my portfolio. I want to subpoena their Constitutional law professor and bar exams. Traitors.

Needless to say I am working out of my office today. This blog is slightly hypocritical on top of all that. I am supporting Google who I know are a bunch of racist people. 

Let me explain. I disagree with their hiring practices because they do not hire minorities. A lot of minorities work for the government. The President is Black. I have never really had a problem with a white man on the street, except for the police who work for the government. The law clearly says the government is supposed to have arms beared against them by the military for what they have done to me, but I ain't gone do nothing so I am just filing a lawsuit. Go figure.

That is just something to think about. Really, I am writing this blog because it will help everyone. Just like a successful civil rights movement helps everyone. I would never protest, but saw an African American make a very good point on CNN this morning. I have to help people when I can and if it helps me great.

Google Maps is the best Map App I have used and I have used a lot. I am slightly directionally challenged. So much so that I usually arrive an hour to thirty minutes before any scheduled appointment because I have to account for getting lost. Plus, my college has weird rules about being on time is being late. I am required to carry a pen and paper as well.

Google Maps Netiquette Rules
  • It is proper Netiquette to check the traffic.
  • It is proper Netiquette to save places.
  • It is proper Netiquette to include the address of appointments in your Google Calendar.
  • It is proper Netiquette to periodically check location requests of Apps in the settings.
  • It is proper Netiquette to periodically check Location accuracy tips in the settings.
These rules are what I do. When I follow them exactly, I arrive about five to fifteen minutes prior to appoints. That is I schedule arrival a full hour before the appointment and get there on time according to my college rules. Basically, I move a little slow and the calculations are off a little. 

My Informatization LA App has the best traffic map in California for those in California. It gives you access to every freeway camera. I got eyes everywhere.

David Chiles
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Friday, December 5, 2014

Eventbrite Android App Netiquette Rules

Principles of Netiquette Cloud
Principles of Netiquette Cloud
I tried to go to an Eventbrite event one time that was about the exact problems I was having at the time designing my portfolio. The address was removed from the App on the day of the event. I ended up spending a lot of money I did not have without getting the information I needed. Darn it.

I should have practiced better Netiquette. Instead of going to the event I went to the Grille. I was starving after walking around Hollywood trying to find the place. I have had some real fun at Eventbrite events by practicing better Netiquette.

Eventbrite Android App Netiquette Rules
  • It is proper Netiquette to print the email confirmation, ticket, for Eventbrite events.
  • It is proper Netiquette to add Eventbrite events to your online calendars. 
  • It is proper Netiquette to write the address of Eventbrite events down on paper for your reference.
  • It is proper Netiquette to visit the website of the event sponsor prior to the event.
  • It is proper Netiquette to view the social media profiles of attendees when public.

There are a lot of good reasons for these rules. I hope to be able to share them on my Netiquettes for Apps website that is under construction. Right now I am getting the hang of modern PHP frameworks in order to get a job. My first real example for my portfolio is planned for Netiquettes for Apps site. 

David Chiles
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Thursday, December 4, 2014

LinkedIn Mobile App Netiquette Rules

Principles of Netiquette Cloud
Principles of Netiquette Cloud
The internet is changing faster than any single company can keep up with. Technology is changing. Programming languages are evolving. Startups have an edge on almost any internet company. There are a few companies with enough capital to weather the changes, but not many.

The internet is mobile.

Mobile means easily moveable. The internet is more than just easily moveable by technology. It is easily moveable by human beings as well because so many people have Smartphones. The internet is no longer a web page, it is an App. 

Mobile Apps have a lot of benefits. There are some issues with using Apps over websites. Apps have their own Netiquette. Given than many people take their Smartphones to work, Mobile Apps have a degree of professional responsibility. I will start to deal with this fact by making the rules of Netiquette for the LinkedIn Android Mobile App as follows:

LinkedIn Android App Netiquette Rules
  • It is proper Netiquette to refrain from updating you profile without a full keyboard to type it in.
  • It is proper Netiquette to check Notifications periodically.
  • It is proper Netiquette to read your mail in the Mobile App.
  • It is proper Netiquette to accept connection requests from the Mobile App, but not make them.
  • It is proper Netiquette post updates from the Mobile App in moderation.

These are the rules I follow when using the LinkedIn Mobile App. I use it a lot for various reasons. There may be more to come.

David Chiles
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Monday, December 1, 2014

I Would Never Protest

Principle of Netiquette Cloud
Principle of Netiquette Cloud
Protesting is like trying to get me because I am minding my own business. I love and each and every one of you. Every action I take is on behalf of the Government. It is a joke to me. 

Please be advised that if there is a siren around and I have to look up, every car better pull over immediately. Or else, my eyes may dart. I walked an old lady across the street on Friday two or three weeks ago. Seriously, and I am joking. Walked out in the middle of traffic and dared a car to honk.

You can call it what ever you want. The power of a suit. Numerology. Natural rights. Catholicism. No matter what, we, good people(s),  hold ourselves to a higher standard. The law is beneath us. It should be beneath everyone. It is the law.

Please understand, an Alhambra cop walked up to me and asked me how I was doing and I was flattered. Approaching another man for any reason means they are above you. It is alright to do so. Life is about role play. Again, it is a joke to me. I like to play.

Simon says, but there are a few rules. Man, if nothing else, the problem of police brutality can easily be solved with some etiquette lessons. It is no excuse for murder. However, systemic racism has to be addressed on a different level.

We are all Americans. There is a rap song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, rappers from my home town, about it. It is racist, but to even come up with that type of material, you have to have thought about it. You agree with it on some level or you would not have put it out there. It is there right to do so because acceptable free speech gets protected.

The reason that the supreme court is debating free speech is to save the dying newspaper industry. I have a right to say or write anything I want. To say the Constitution and Bill of Rights say different is unreasonable. Every person with a law degree knows it.

Again, No one argues with me. Every action I take is for the government. Anything done within the boundaries of the law is my property. It is my intellectual property. I have absolutely no weapons and would never break the law. 

If we all have free speech, the Newspaper industry has no power because each article is one persons. It diminishes the value of an article. It gives no precedence to the publisher. Your word is your word and it can never be taken seriously without appropriate actions. I walk old lady's across the street. Whoever is the best wins. Whoever is the most influential wins. 

Influence is getting out of hand. It needs to checked in different ways. The Newspaper industry has to go. Nothing can be taken seriously anymore. Getting rid of the Newspaper industry could end us thinking it is real.

It is not real to me that Niggas is protesting right now. It is serious, but there is so much other stuff we could be doing as a people. Please. Man. If a cop asked how you doing it is a perfect opportunity to tell them. That is reality.

I get by with what I am writing by telling the truth and making clear jokes. I am joking, but it is truthful or I would not be aloud to say or write it. The truth is an absolute defense, but, 'you cannot yell fire in a crowed theater'. That means do not influence anyone to break the law.

The difference between me and a judge is that I do it for free and have been doing it longer. Again protecting the public for free makes you better than the law. My first job was as baby sitter for a judge. My first mentor was a Federal Appellate court judge. I have been in the fed. The government are a bunch of cowards to me.

Man, someone came after me with an AR-15 on American soil. Soldiers do not know what that feels like. Protesters do not know what that feels like. 

All I have is the Constitution and Bill of Rights. A soldier went after the President with a knife. I am just glad I was not at school the day of the shooting. If you kill one of us your trying to kill all of us.

This is America. We run the world right now because we have the most consumption. Our consumption has become our downfall. Most Niggas is fat black and happy. That is why I just want to leave. I got other stuff I want to do and do not want to deal with racism.

I feel like I can take the heat for everything. Quit tripping. Protesters, become programmers or something. Protesting is bad Netiquette.

David Chiles
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Netiquette News - December 2014

This is the Holiday Edition of the Netiquette Newsletter with stories about Cyber Monday, Best Practices: Social Media, Mobile & Search, Netiquette, and the best social network on the internet,

David Chiles
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Saturday, November 29, 2014

West African Netiquette

Principles of Netiquette Cloud
Principles of Netiquette Cloud
I have gotten a lot of love from West Africans. In reciprocity under the Golden Rule I am targeting that geographic region with my Twitter account for my book, Internet Users Guide: Safe & Successful Surfing. It is the most basic book in my portfolio. 

Basically, it is what I think will help West Africans help themselves online. Netiquette is what I used to help myself, so I know it works. The account started off targeting Israel in Yiddish. I like to joke that I am building the Temple of David online. I think I am related to him, but cannot go off of only one source, the Bible. The Bible is true, but needs some explanation in my opinion, Church.

In fact, I am beside myself to realize how misinterpreted history has been in books. For example, my cousin Pharoh Isesi did not write 28 on a gold cylinder with his title because of crop planting cycles. That is the biggest lie in the history of the Old Kingdom. 

It is very unreasonable to believe a man responsible for building Pyramids would not know that 28 is the most powerful number in Numerology. Just to be clear, Numerology is superstition. I am not going to argue with fat people who disagree. I know a lot of hardworking Asians who agree with me on this one.

Pharoh Isesi published the first Netiquette book as well. Ptah-Hotep his Vizzr wrote it. I saw pictures of the book. Based on the pictures in the book, I believe it to be an etiquette book for men to pass down to their sons. 

Back the basics. Basically, I am going to follow people from West Africa on my Twitter account. In addition, I will post tweets to that account based on their time zone, not mine. This is the first one. I wake up at 5:30 AM on weekdays. It is approximately 5:30 AM there now. 

West Africans. Cyber civilization starts now!!!!!!!

David Chiles
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Friday, November 28, 2014

Say Ello

Principles of Netiquette Cloud
Principles of Netiquette Cloud
Facebook has been fun while it lasted. I was approached by someone I do not know in a friend request after several reports that Facebook may becoming a professional network to make professional changes. I am not in business and am looking for gainful employment while writing books and working on my portfolio. The Facebook message felt like setup. It is now time to say Ello.

First and foremost, it was not my intent to write a religious book when I began working on The Principles of Netiquette. It turned out that way because civilization comes from the religious rule of my family, Persian Royalty. I am proud of my Mothers family, Persian Royalty, and my surname, which is different. If you do not believe in God, Internet Etiquette: Fundamentals, Rules, & Optimization uses community standards as a basis for Netiquette. Going forward it is all about community.

Based on my research, West Africans were never part of civilization. Everyone from Aryans to Asians are descendants of my family and our rule.
Treat others the way you want to be treated.
The Bible was not written to include west africa. They are apparently uncivilized. The music of their descendants in the United States should be illegal. I rap records for Nerdcore music in direct opposition to every African American who goes against the teachings of the Bible. The Reverend Calvin Butts is my Brother.

I consider Ello a partner in civilizing the world without regard for race based on the corporate structure of the company. Ello was created for friendship without regard for money. It is bringing a select group of people together. Ello is good Netiquette.

My call to action is to support good people in friendship. Say Ello. Sign up for the social network and register when it becomes available for you.

David Chiles
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Posting About Money is Bad Netiquette

Principles of Netiquette Cloud
Principles of Netiquette Cloud
Based on my life experience people who talk about having money have herpes. They usually do not have a lot money. Most of the time they turn out to be the biggest liars in the world. Herpes ruined the US Government in my opinion because of the stigma attached. It is not that big of a deal, but turns good people into liars.

Grandma Nettie has a rule about it. I am going to share it for health reasons and to defend my Mother who was disrespected. White flight when blacks move into a neighborhood is not racism. It is self protection from getting herpes. John Henry a black man who looks like a Gorilla hunted me down and said he could be my father. My genes are too good for that. His statement leads me to believe that Black men have been raping women as many have claimed

Again the Grandma Nettie rule is that the Black community has herpes. Stay away from there woman if you do not want herpes. It makes me wonder why Black men brag about woman saying, 'once you go black you never go back'. The Grandma Nettie rule goes hand in hand with the Grandpa Art money rule based on my experience.

Staying away from people who talk about money is a Grandpa Art rule. It is going into my upcoming book, "Best Practices: Social Media, Mobile, & Search Netiquette". People who talk about money are trying to steal it from you, that is what Grandpa Art told me.

In social media this is evident by the 'get rich quick' advertisements. If it were easy to get rich everyone would be rich. Those advertisements are selling a scheme that does not work in my opinion. It probably works on people who do not know their fathers. The unitiated. 

People who post status updates about money should be unfriended and blocked as a 'Best Practice'. It is legitimate to post advertisements and deals. It is illegitimate to make a claim about someone profiting monetarily from a product. 

I post advertisements for my books and online store. I truly believe my books will help anyone and everyone become a better person based on research I have done. In fact, the business section of The Principles of Netiquette has financial formulas and ratios that deal with money. Even sales techniques, but that does not guarantee anything. Everyone has to make it happen for themselves.

I am not sure what to say about fake old Californians except I love the lifestyle. A cute girl I worked with told me not to go to California because everyone has herpes. I love the California lifestyle. 

Life is about a lot more than romantic relationships in my humble opinion. I enjoy being around beautiful woman for any reason. Good conversation is what I like most. She was little bit of hater, but she also, 'hipped me to game' on missing questions on tests on purpose. It fits into another Grandpa Art rule. 

I have been around so much money the only people that can relate are the guards at the Federal Reserve. I know what they felt like the first time they went in because I have been inside the Fed. I write this to explain why it is so easy for me to follow the Grandpa Art rule. People who talk about it probably do not have access to it or have never been around it. They act different than me.

I actually have an African American brother who told me he would get me the money I need for business if I ever wanted to start up. He is rich for real. He told me never to worry about money with him. He started driving real fast down the freeway with no lights after that. 

I believe him, but was a little too scared to be friends with him after that. It reminded me of something that happened with my eubonical cousin Che Che when I was little. I scarred him away from playing with my by driving my Big Blue go kart too fast.

In conclusion, people who try to make you think they are rich are faking it. People who try to make you think they are broke do not want to be around you. Those who know can be manipulative. So, be careful. 

People who keep it real are good social friends.

David Chiles
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