Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Grandma Nettie is the Reason To Practice Netiquette

David Chiles & Nettie Raya

Grandma Nettie is the reason to practice Netiquette. This is picture is proof of a concept I learned about in a call center training. The highest standard one can expect to hold themselves to is their Grandparents. Anything less than the Grandparent standard is shameful in Public.

Given that the Grandparent standard is appropriate public behavior according to psychological norms, following their rules is acceptable under any circumstance. Roberta Raya is the philosophy of Netiquette. Grandma Nettie whom is widely respected in the community I live in is the standard of nice for Netiquette.

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India Technology Americas Inspiration

My fellow Catholic Chris was looking for Indian technology when he landed on what we call America today. He killed too many people for me to honor his last name. My name is David Paul Chiles, Robby Raya Chiles is my Mother. Our names are good. We look Indian. Go figure. 

This blog post is about the New World Order. Whoa, did I just write that. What the Netiquette

I have heard about conspiracy theories from crazy blacks in college and watched a documentary called Zeitgeist. Way too complicated in my opinion. 

India is at the center of the New World Order because it is the biggest democracy. There are already Netiquette start-ups in India and throughout Asia. The companies named Netiquette in Asia are software companies. I am not sure if my website started first or their companies. I noticed them in social media after I was already established.

It is a simple fact that I created the New World Order. I think it is a joke because I cannot get a job. In fact, that is how the word Netiquette started as a joke. I write extensively about it and how the Internet was formed in my book, The Principles of Netiquette. No need to revisit that.

Netiquette, my website is social. I created the accepted definition for the word. It is my word. Netiquette as a software company is the natural extension of this word. Those companies are in Asia. India technology has become Americas inspiration.

There is a burgeoning technology sector in Asia. India is the largest democracy in the world. This makes me wonder about the definition of an emerging market. India has always been there. Chris was looking for Indian technology when he landed on this continent we call America.

India is dealing with Internet issues in their own way. The Indian courts just made a ruling about section 66 of India's Information Technology Act. I am not sure what to think about the act, except to write that there is no way to ascertain the motives of another. 

There is no way to ascertain the motives of another because people are so easily controlled and manipulated by the media. People make uniformed decisions all the time. This is actually what the act aimed to prevent.

I think people should be taught right from wrong. That is right. The government has a duty to educate individuals in the Information Age. Every person should be held responsible for their physical actions toward another.

If you park in your neighbors parking spot, you are a bad person. There is no way to justify it. Only a stupid person could be manipulated into doing something like that to a neighbor. Very un-neighborly. Downright psychopathic. No one has the right to park in a neighbors assigned parking space.

I used a neighbors parking spot as an example because it is no big deal. It says something about the level of education of the people being manipulated. A psychopathic person has been manipulated into thinking they have the right to control another.

This is what I read into the Indian courts decision to strike down provisions of section 66 as too vague. I thought my Netiquette research was done because I wrote all the rules. I have some big rule books coming out later this year. It is not, it is only just beginning. It is my hobby and want to go to India. Staying in America is stupid. 

I need more specific direction for my own philosophy. I need to go Asia for some Indian inspiration if they will take me. India is the center of the New World Order. Maybe some people will join me and we can head over there the way Chris was trying to do ; D

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

The US Dollar Is Not Backed By Gold! Who Knew?

Did you know that he United States Dollar was not backed by the Gold in Fort Knox?

Truth is good Netiquette. The truth is the United States is crazy. I don't know what to do. My site crashed. I held off on putting it back together to slow other countries from getting way far ahead of us. I cannot find a job in web design and I am leader in the industry. 

The United States is a racist joke. I hope to laugh my out if it.

I speculate that most people do not know gold is not our standard for currency. I further speculate that it is written into our history books that the dollar was backed by Gold. Nothing else after that. This is the only way I can fathom how mislead the entire world and public have been.

The Information Age is against the United States until we start telling the truth. The fact of the matter is that the Information Age calls for the overthrow of the United States Government in principle because it is not valid. Everyone has to be made aware of our lack of sovereignty for us to make a come back.

We are down right now in the game. China is up on us by like a trillion dollars. Liar liar pants on fire Barack Obama said he was going to fix it by taxing the rich. This would have required us to borrow less money from China. 

I have some blog posts just waiting for the right opportunity to get the economy rolling. If I get enough money to start up in another country from a lawsuit I am working on I will do it there. I would really like to go to India because it is the biggest democracy in the world and everyone looks like me there.

All we can do now is save our money and hope that the law is followed. I encourage everyone in the United States to practice proper Netiquette. However, the United States is no longer the Netiquette leader. Russia, France, and China are using the site more than any other country.

Just an FYI. Save money, practice Netiquette, and follow the law. That is all we can do until the country falls. I hope I am in a different country when it happens.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Big Hug Philosophy

Everyone likes to be in control. I got lost in DTLA one time. I am not sure how I ended up on the blade. There was a woman and we had some type of mis-communication. I was out of place. I just gave her a hug. It made both of us smile from ear to ear. She hipped me to the game. I have not had any mis-communications in  the streets of DTLA since.

Big Hug

I think that punishment is wrong, but discipline is SMART (Self Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology). My philosophy is "Big Hug". It is proper network etiquette, Netiquette. Punishment devalues the life of the person who thinks they have that right punish. 


There are way better ways to decrease un-popular, anti-human (violent), behavior than to punish people for it. I would give someone a hug before it ever got to that point. A person on the train told me giving people money helps. I think hugs help a little more.


Anyone who thinks they have the right to punish another is a psychopath. Parents have a right to discipline kids and people have a right to defend themselves, but Harvard told me not to do anything if anyone steals from me. I am little to broke to let people steal from me, but I hope you get the picture. All police officers are psychopaths from a psychological standpoint because they think they can kill people. They carry guns.

How It Works

The women at St. Joeseph's Catholic Church and School are some of the most articulate in the world. I used to take the bus home from school with a girl who looked like a beautiful woman. Anytime an older man would look at her she would talk to me. They would immediately look away. We would not be talking about anything much, small talk. All she would have to do is give me a compliment to make someone disinterested (pissed off). We were an exclusive class.

I used Church as an example because Church woman are who I think of when I write about the sandwich technique. It is proper Netiquette for Toastmasters speech evaluations to sandwich criticism between compliments. I have met a few good people from USC with similar values. 

Giving someone a genuine compliment, even if it is too good to be true is always appropriate within reason. Followed up by a criticism and a compliment makes it a 'Big Hug'. I have never refused to follow the advice of a person who compliments me first. 

It trips me out to see how effective this type of communication is. In the event that communication breaks down after a compliment, resort to a hug. 

There is a connection between hugs, humanity, and capitalism. I am writing this blog and thinking about genetic research cloud computing and capitalism, but writing about big hugs because that is what I know. The connection can be described in accounting terms as Goodwill, which is still illusive. I know because my Goodwill follows me to whatever company I am working for and leaves when I leave. I hope to explore it with small businesses if I ever start-up. 

Until then, Free Hugs from David Chiles son of Robby Raya. Grandma Nettie's and Grandpa Art's Grandson.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Words Are A Mathematical Expression of Netiquette

The words arranged on the core site and books are arranged for an intended audience within strict mathematical expressions. Software programs use functions similar to formulas. For example in English, is is ==. In my family Isis is Queen. She is my cousin.

Is translates into an = sign. It is the verb to be. Most popular.

Based on my phonetic research. Every word may have been a symbolic expression. Writing changed the way we speak. The written word controls us. Those who understand how to read and write well are on the Netiquette level. It is all information, symbolism.

Positive updates are good as an expression of Netiquette. Negative input subtracts from a value. The value of an expression equals its meaning. 

Everything comes from a reciprocal relationship in Netiquette. Be nice and people will be nice to you. This is the meaning of the Golden Rule. Like the content of others and others will like your content. All you have to do is try. 

The Golden Rule is a reciprocal relationship, but there is no 'quid pro quo'. This is the basis of all relationships. The concept of 1 as the lead number comes from the Jewish faith as far as I can tell.1 God changed the way of thinking in Western Philosophy.

In the Information Age all that matters is that you recognize. Be nice to me and I will be nice to you. Get in where you fit in. If someone is not nice to you do not engage them. Any formal contact is a level of friendship. 

The numbers of every online update are an expression of who we are. Express yourself.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cut The Cable Cord Let Freedom Stream

CUT THE CORD IDIOT. Television is known as the idiot box. Therefore, cable is slavery because it has more anti-social content. Netiquette says, no cable nothing. For the uneducated and others who may have never heard the saying that, 'television is an idiot box' please read my NetiquetteRules.WordPress.com blog about the topic. 

This blog post is about how to watch video online. In addition to, how to watch online video my call to action is to watch informational and positive entertainment. No more cable, violence, or rape. 

There is no way to describe how I have felt watching some of the scenes from video in popular American culture. The content is unconstitutional in my opinion and should not be tolerated by anyone for any reason. This blog offers a way to control your media consumption.

Cutting The Cord
  • Find a replacement
    • Internet
    • Books
    • Group Activity
  • Call To Cancel
  • Be Nice, Have Fun

  • Find A Replacement
Most people in the psychology world already know that an addiction requires a replacement to be ended. America is addicted to or enslaved by mass visual media, television, depending on how you look at it. Everyone watched the Super Bowl. 

The only person that I talked to about it that believed it was just a game was my Mother. Everyone else said it was 'fixed'. There is absolutely no evidence to support that claim whether you agree or disagree internally. 

America is going crazy. I do not know what it is that is making us act this way. Maybe it is the cool aid.

Do not get me wrong. I am very manipulative. Tweets could have influenced the outcome. There is no way to tell. The Patriots fan with the most followers could have encouraged her team to win. That is called America field advantage.

I mean come on man. I was terrified when I saw Katy Perry up in the air like that. She performed for America. The Patriots won.

Television makes us crazy is all I am trying to say. It is an idiot box like the saying. Violence is the reason for my opinion. Football is violent. I do not want the Patriots Quarterback to play another down. He has stood in the pocket enough.

    • Replace television with Internet video, books, and group activity. 
 America will be a better place. The economy will benefit. 

There are Internet streaming services that provide much of the same content as television, film, and cable. Roku, Amazon, and Google provide electronic devices to stream Internet content to televisions. Check out the December edition of the Netiquette Newsletter on YouTube for complete descriptions.

Books are better than TV. I am sure there is a way that I could prove this scientifically based on book lovers versus Video watchers, but I would rather speculate. This is a blog, which is not absolute. I read a book about it called the Talent Code. 

In the Talent Code it acts like there is a secret called deep practice that makes you a talented person at whatever. I code by hand, which makes me the most talented programmer in the world according the logic of the book. I agree based on my statistics, but that does not get me a job.

The lesson in the book that I identified with most was reading comprehension when all words are not included. I write tweets in like ten different languages regularly. I program in several different languages regularly. Read books for talent is what I got out of the book. Practice something hard to grow. A self taught person is better than someone who was trained, enslaved to do something.

Group activity is my favorite alternative to television. I feed off meeting new people. It is the Rich Dad Poor Dad concept from that book. I explain it differently, but will defer to the book. I have a very rich Father, who is a typical African American that does not take care of his kids. So I feed off the connections, but cannot really make them work for me right now.

Group activity is economic in nature because it costs money to get there. Travel is required. One activity encourages another. Money is spent. People have fun. I love it.

  • Cut the cable cord. Don't be an idiot anymore.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Emerging Markets

Internet rule is a friendly game of Basketball with China. Yao Ming, former Houston Rocket professional player and Chinese, has been swatting my stuff metaphorically in this game for while. He just ran a full court press trap called 'Show Me' Xiaomi with my playbook, Informatization. The Chinese are playing zone defense like it is college basketball in a full court press on David Chiles. I ain't playing this ain't fair. My nickname used to be 'Baby David'.

Yao turned a one on one game into a team sport. I am going to go look for people to practice with. Maybe one day I will find a team to play with. It is all good Netiquette, but you have to pay for it now. I am sitting on the sidelines watching Yoa's team have its way with the World. I deleted over 700 pages. 

The United States fell to China a long time ago. If you do not believe read the Constitution, specifically Amendment XIV. I do not have time to explain. 

I am writing this blog for awareness. We have to follow the leader and compete. China has outlined an emerging market strategy for Informatization. I read the plan.

For example, Go Pro has to Go Pro. Xiaomi released a similar product to the popular Go Pro video camera line of products. Mature markets are inefficient, corrupt, which already support China. Most electronics are manufactured in there. 

The awareness I want to raise about Xiaomi is the markets they are targeting. They are wedging there way into new markets that have the most long term potential. Honestly, I would like the world to realize China is capitalist. The stocks with the most long term potential are valued the highest. Perception is reality. China manufactures everything and everyone perceives it in reality. OMG.

That is enough awareness. I got to go look for team to practice my game with. I hope to file a lawsuit for the racism and other unconstitutional activity by the United States government, FCC, and leave with damages. Then maybe I will have enough game to find some team mates to take it to the hole on China. Until then, I am going to slam dunk whenever I get a chance.

Buy my books all the netiquette rules are extremely exclusive and have been taught for many years. It is a slam dunk to use them because everyone in the world uses them. Check out my February stats. Approximately 1 million hits on 660 thousand page views. 

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

MeetUp, Lectures, & Learning

Every meet up I have ever attended has been a learning experience. The website MeetUp.com has only failed me once. The two previous sentences are not exclusive because it is not a meet up if you do not learn a thing or two. That is the Netiquette.

Every person you meet, shake hands with formerly, is a resource for lectures and learning. People you meet can teach you a thing or two. All you have to do is listen to them lecture.

The Netiquette of a meet up in real life is similar to proven sales techniques. Everyone has to sell themselves. If your here something good, you can buy in with a comment. If you see someone well dressed, you can acquire the contact by introducing yourself.

The only MeetUp that ever failed me was by a real loser in my opinion. It stunk. The speaker was not wearing deodorant.

Afterwords, I went across the street to my favorite place in the World, right now, Sonoma Wine Garden. A lawyer came through to have a little talk with me. He told me to be open and hit on women at MeetUp.com meetups because that is what they are for. I do not go for that because I do not have job. I am seeking employment by day and learning from others at MeetUps.

I go to MeetUp.com events for the lectures and learning. Occasionally, I add contacts that I meet to my online profiles. It depends on the overall feeling I get from the group.

Technology MeetUps often include a formal lecture, meet and greet, and food and drinks. MeetUps with hot Nerdettes are my favorite because I would never be able to find a reason to speak to a beautiful women if we were not interested in the same things.

The fact of the matter is that the Technology Industry is educated by MeetUp.com and EventBrite. Colleges are way behind. MeetUps are at the back of the pack. Web Design teams for leading websites set the pace. They send their evangelists to MeetUps when they are ready. The Amazon Evangelist is my favorite.

I really hope to be able to include MeetUp.com Netiquette Rules in my website. They are the best that I have ever created. I think it has to do with the concept of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. I have my Fathers name. People are attracted to me for a number of different reasons. My past participation in events gives me the confidence to shake hands anyone for peaceful assembly. It takes confidence to make loose connections without expectation.

My call to action is to introduce yourself to someone. Better yet, introduce yourself to everyone in a group at the next event. That is a Harvard rule I learned on a recruiting trip. 

Basically, I have to go to MeetUps to learn how to get a job in the web design industry. I cannot afford to approach a woman romantically at a MeetUp.com. I even found a MeetUp that is encouraging me to work my way into the web design industry with a contest. Wish me luck! I encourage everyone to meet up with or without me.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hotlink Protection

If you have a good online image the best way to share it is to let people copy you. The power of social media comes from sharing. People copy, save, and share good pictures. Domains give them away for free.

Pictures are freely available on the internet. Hotlink protection prevents copying and saving pictures within a protected domain. I protected all the images within Netiquette to avoid giving free license to use them. However, it helps if someone shares my logos in social media.

If you do not protect an image your giving it away. Protecting an image is giving it away if you want to monetize it. On a smaller scale it can help you find a job. As a caveat, the Information Age allows us all to consciously monetize our online images. We should all share good pictures. It is proper Netiquette.

I was taught somewhere by someone that, I think they spoke French or something, there is a duty to protect images. That sounds really good until you look at a link posted in social media with a restricted content placeholder. It makes it hard to share if your exclusive. People may not want to share with you because you will not share with them.

Personally, I am not sure what to do about it. I decided to protect my pictures because I did a Yahoo search for Marissa Mayer and found a picture of her that I did not believe was her. If you take that picture from my website I am liable. I got the picture from Yahoo. I copied from their domain. They do not protect their woman very well. I demand hotlink protection. Just Kidding in case anyone did not know.

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Friday, February 20, 2015


I came across numerology references so much during my study of George Washington that I decided to read up on it. I first became interested in the subject when I read that George Washington bowed his head or something at ceremony where a corner stone was placed. 

Numerology is used in construction. Based on my research Numerology is a set of formulas whose results often equal binary or serial numbers. I made up my own numbers for Netiquette. They roughly correspond to computer networking layers. An inverted pyramid of social rules with numbers.

The Numerology processes I studied are similar to doing your taxes. I am a 1, which is rare, but I am not a head of household. Everything is in reference to the stars, tides, and other seasonal "natural" things. I speculate it was a taxation scheme that determined a persons place in society during Egyptian times. Mayas had the most accurate calendar.

That is it, I do not think George Washington bowed his head to anyone. John Adams was probably above him. I think he was involved in some type of role play based on numerology and construction practices. An Asian person said to call it superstition. An African American woman became really upset when I called numerology superstition. I made up my own numbers for equality. 

I do know that everyone in politics follows general numerology practices or an African American claiming affiliation with the nation of Islam would not have been able to say it. It was heavily referenced at the million man march. The numbers we use are Arabic. I made up my own for equality.

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