Monday, March 2, 2015

Emerging Markets

Internet rule is a friendly game of Basketball with China. Yao Ming, former Houston Rocket professional player and Chinese, has been swatting my stuff metaphorically in this game for while. He just ran a full court press trap called 'Show Me' Xiaomi with my playbook, Informatization. The Chinese are playing zone defense like it is college basketball in a full court press on David Chiles. I ain't playing this ain't fair. My nickname used to be 'Baby David'.

Yao turned a one on one game into a team sport. I am going to go look for people to practice with. Maybe one day I will find a team to play with. It is all good Netiquette, but you have to pay for it now. I am sitting on the sidelines watching Yoa's team have its way with the World. I deleted over 700 pages. 

The United States fell to China a long time ago. If you do not believe read the Constitution, specifically Amendment XIV. I do not have time to explain. 

I am writing this blog for awareness. We have to follow the leader and compete. China has outlined an emerging market strategy for Informatization. I read the plan.

For example, Go Pro has to Go Pro. Xiaomi released a similar product to the popular Go Pro video camera line of products. Mature markets are inefficient, corrupt, which already support China. Most electronics are manufactured in there. 

The awareness I want to raise about Xiaomi is the markets they are targeting. They are wedging there way into new markets that have the most long term potential. Honestly, I would like the world to realize China is capitalist. The stocks with the most long term potential are valued the highest. Perception is reality. China manufactures everything and everyone perceives it in reality. OMG.

That is enough awareness. I got to go look for team to practice my game with. I hope to file a lawsuit for the racism and other unconstitutional activity by the United States government, FCC, and leave with damages. Then maybe I will have enough game to find some team mates to take it to the hole on China. Until then, I am going to slam dunk whenever I get a chance.

Buy my books all the netiquette rules are extremely exclusive and have been taught for many years. It is a slam dunk to use them because everyone in the world uses them. Check out my February stats. Approximately 1 million hits on 660 thousand page views. 

David Chiles
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Saturday, February 28, 2015

MeetUp, Lectures, & Learning

Every meet up I have ever attended has been a learning experience. The website has only failed me once. The two previous sentences are not exclusive because it is not a meet up if you do not learn a thing or two. That is the Netiquette.

Every person you meet, shake hands with formerly, is a resource for lectures and learning. People you meet can teach you a thing or two. All you have to do is listen to them lecture.

The Netiquette of a meet up in real life is similar to proven sales techniques. Everyone has to sell themselves. If your here something good, you can buy in with a comment. If you see someone well dressed, you can acquire the contact by introducing yourself.

The only MeetUp that ever failed me was by a real loser in my opinion. It stunk. The speaker was not wearing deodorant.

Afterwords, I went across the street to my favorite place in the World, right now, Sonoma Wine Garden. A lawyer came through to have a little talk with me. He told me to be open and hit on women at meetups because that is what they are for. I do not go for that because I do not have job. I am seeking employment by day and learning from others at MeetUps.

I go to events for the lectures and learning. Occasionally, I add contacts that I meet to my online profiles. It depends on the overall feeling I get from the group.

Technology MeetUps often include a formal lecture, meet and greet, and food and drinks. MeetUps with hot Nerdettes are my favorite because I would never be able to find a reason to speak to a beautiful women if we were not interested in the same things.

The fact of the matter is that the Technology Industry is educated by and EventBrite. Colleges are way behind. MeetUps are at the back of the pack. Web Design teams for leading websites set the pace. They send their evangelists to MeetUps when they are ready. The Amazon Evangelist is my favorite.

I really hope to be able to include Netiquette Rules in my website. They are the best that I have ever created. I think it has to do with the concept of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. I have my Fathers name. People are attracted to me for a number of different reasons. My past participation in events gives me the confidence to shake hands anyone for peaceful assembly. It takes confidence to make loose connections without expectation.

My call to action is to introduce yourself to someone. Better yet, introduce yourself to everyone in a group at the next event. That is a Harvard rule I learned on a recruiting trip. 

Basically, I have to go to MeetUps to learn how to get a job in the web design industry. I cannot afford to approach a woman romantically at a I even found a MeetUp that is encouraging me to work my way into the web design industry with a contest. Wish me luck! I encourage everyone to meet up with or without me.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hotlink Protection

If you have a good online image the best way to share it is to let people copy you. The power of social media comes from sharing. People copy, save, and share good pictures. Domains give them away for free.

Pictures are freely available on the internet. Hotlink protection prevents copying and saving pictures within a protected domain. I protected all the images within Netiquette to avoid giving free license to use them. However, it helps if someone shares my logos in social media.

If you do not protect an image your giving it away. Protecting an image is giving it away if you want to monetize it. On a smaller scale it can help you find a job. As a caveat, the Information Age allows us all to consciously monetize our online images. We should all share good pictures. It is proper Netiquette.

I was taught somewhere by someone that, I think they spoke French or something, there is a duty to protect images. That sounds really good until you look at a link posted in social media with a restricted content placeholder. It makes it hard to share if your exclusive. People may not want to share with you because you will not share with them.

Personally, I am not sure what to do about it. I decided to protect my pictures because I did a Yahoo search for Marissa Mayer and found a picture of her that I did not believe was her. If you take that picture from my website I am liable. I got the picture from Yahoo. I copied from their domain. They do not protect their woman very well. I demand hotlink protection. Just Kidding in case anyone did not know.

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Friday, February 20, 2015


I came across numerology references so much during my study of George Washington that I decided to read up on it. I first became interested in the subject when I read that George Washington bowed his head or something at ceremony where a corner stone was placed. 

Numerology is used in construction. Based on my research Numerology is a set of formulas whose results often equal binary or serial numbers. I made up my own numbers for Netiquette. They roughly correspond to computer networking layers. An inverted pyramid of social rules with numbers.

The Numerology processes I studied are similar to doing your taxes. I am a 1, which is rare, but I am not a head of household. Everything is in reference to the stars, tides, and other seasonal "natural" things. I speculate it was a taxation scheme that determined a persons place in society during Egyptian times. Mayas had the most accurate calendar.

That is it, I do not think George Washington bowed his head to anyone. John Adams was probably above him. I think he was involved in some type of role play based on numerology and construction practices. An Asian person said to call it superstition. An African American woman became really upset when I called numerology superstition. I made up my own numbers for equality. 

I do know that everyone in politics follows general numerology practices or an African American claiming affiliation with the nation of Islam would not have been able to say it. It was heavily referenced at the million man march. The numbers we use are Arabic. I made up my own for equality.

David Chiles
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Status Updates Are Self Defense

If you don't know you better ask somebody. Knowing is half the battle. Yo Joe!

Ahem. Read up. What the Netiquette? 

The first amendment of the Bill of Rights states:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
This does not give you the right to say anything you want socially. It does give you the right to say anything you want technically. Lawyers and politicians have been lying to people. I just found a better explanation of my own for the Bill of Rights. 

Basically what another interpretative article about the Constitution explains in a nutshell to anyone who thinks both ways and about endless possibilities is that the First Amendment is a right to defend yourself. Speak your mind. Influence other people. Tell the truth.

For example, you are aloud to yell fire in a movie theater, but you are not aloud to say you could be the father of another person whose parents were married. Saying something like that is something that all the forefathers agreed would be grounds to bear arms because we believe in God. Natural law is the reason for the amendments according to good people. I would say clearly these people are following the teachings of Jesus.

This is the same interpretation as mine, but it gives Madison a little more credit than I would. I write better because my interpretation will always include negative facts. My interpretation is honest. Hamilton was killed for coveting another mans wife. The authors interpretation is political. He is anti-federalist.

John Henry said he could be my father. His father is a Los Angeles County Sherrif who was tested for stupidity. I am asking the military to follow the law against the LA Sheriff who filed false charges against me. My father owns a commercial real estate firm. I am David Paul Chiles Grandson of Arthur and Nettie Raya. Ray and Ruth Chiles served the government in such a capacity that it disrespects their name as well. Roberta Ann Raya was married to Paul Thomas Chiles at the San Gabriel Mission, which stands for God.

Yelling fire in a movie theater is acceptable because it is the duty of the person in the theater to see if there is a fire. However, if you yell fire in a movie theater and someone is hurt, you may be held responsible. Freedom is safety from fear, danger, and risk if you rearrange the words in the definition.

I don't even have to say anything anymore. I cannot run out of a movie theater fast unless there is a fire. Today traffic stopped downtown because I stopped walking. 

Pedestrians walking stopped on my cadence. A car was caught out in the street at a light. It was in our best interest to let it pass. Others went in front. I stopped and was followed.

If I talk to you it is because your a very beautiful person inside. A lot of times that is reflected in outward appearance. I like talking to beautiful woman. 

Everyone has the right to speak to people given the right circumstances. Well dressed people engage each other. The best dressed man and woman are sub-consciously associated in any group situation.

Any public action is a status update for the best dressed. That is what I am trying to explain with Netiquette. If someone harms you complain. Better yet, support good people, do great things. Be fun and exciting. 

Lawsuits are for redress of your rights. The Constitution states that citizens shall have a form of peaceful petition for redress of your rights. That is what it is all about. Preservation of the freedom to believe in God and do business.

The first amendment of the Constitution protects racism. Once that you understand all the men involved in making the Constitution were sworn to peaceful engagement under Biblical rule you can understand why they did not put the word gun in it. Every single one of those men had guns. They knew that they would eventually have to give African Americans their freedom. Thomas Jefferson wrote about it extensively.

Do not get me wrong. I think Thomas Jefferson was coward. I have to be a coward because I am not white and America was founded for white men. I ain't tripping. I will take the American spirit my knowledge and American education have given me and leave when I am ready.

Thomas Jefferson would run away from anyone in a fight. He would not, 'bust a grape in a food fight', but he was a rapist, murderer, and torturer by today's standards. Most had slaves and knew they would have to take guns from the population if God were to truly rule America. In God we trust.

John Adams is the forefather I respect most because he acted for God in principle, had no slaves, and spoke the most in argument. He was the Federalist that backed the declaration. John Adams ordered America, George Washington made it happen in the most entrepreneurial way that has ever been accomplished, Democracy.

A Democracy for the people by the people is run by whoever talks the most. George Washington wrote and published the rules of America by plagiarizing French members of my order, The Society of Jesus. 

Whoever talks the most leads. Leadership may be backed someone else. For this reason, the Constitution specifically bans borrowing money from enemies because we may begin to speak against the best interest of the Country. That is the Fourteenth Amendment. Borrowing money from and enemy is technically and socially giving comfort to the enemy.

I choose not to speak to foreigners. I do not want their influence. All I do socially is go to technology related meetups. I like to talk about Nerdy stuff. This gives me influence. Netiquette is my right. Its an order. In self defense I have chosen to promote the USA (Priority), 

United Kingdom, France, and Italy because they are allies of the United States who were instrumental in the Order. The United Kingdom is the where the parent company for David P. Chiles Communication, a web hosting company since 2003, is headquartered. France because an account that seconds, backs, many of my statements claims affiliation with the country. Italy because they made me do it. I do it for God, I am Catholic. I hope everyone gets the message.

David Chiles
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

School Rules & Communication Tools

Netiquette is either basic or high level, which makes it for the middle class in America if you understand what I mean. I came to the conclusion that if I cannot lecture adults in the technology community about Netiquette, that it is purely educational. There are several other reasons. Schools are the primary teachers of Netiquette Rules. 

Basically everyone has to know the rules of Netiquette by There are recently updated core communication conventions of the internet and mobile devices. Based on what I learned at a technology conference the United States has a mobile culture. Based on analytics and feedback schools use the site most. 

No more site specific rules and mobile is the largest category. The thinking is that a simple code, which is still being developed, will stabilize the market. As the code develops there will be rules for educating the world in technology communication. Books will provide advanced techniques for interested parties.

The mobile market is the market I am courting. It seems to be the most interested in America. There is a lot of growth in emerging markets as well.

New developments in Netiquette will be available in the Newsletter. The Netiquette Newsletter plans to become more entertaining with cultural stories after the core site develops. This is the plan with the new tag line.

Netiquette School Rules & Communication Tools

David Chiles
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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Exclusive Rules, Natural Law, & Information

I am trying to find my way with Netiquette. Now that everyone has an iPhone it is easy to get a lot of hits, clicks, and views. I am just kidding. However, that is the fastest growing segment of an overall growing market. I can get about 200k views on a good day. Netiquette has become exclusive.

Exclusive is not for everyone. Natural law does not include people who do not believe in God. Information includes people who are not allowed to believe in God. Netiquette is for civilized people. We must follow the law of the area we are in first to practice proper Netiquette.

The world education system taught my rules for many years. The site became unmanageable. My research discovered separate rules for every domain. The core rules remain. All categories, topics, and domains removed were removed for racism. The technology sector is anti-american based on hiring practices alone. I follow the law.

Research shows that many of these companies will not last more than 30 years at most. Actually, most start-ups fail in the first couple of years. New business processes have to be made through trial and error. Error equals start-up learning experience. is for people who do not listen to misogynistic or anti-human music. Good people do not listen to rap or hip hop music. Animals make rap music.

To put it in prospective, an African American said mysoginistic stuff to me, with what appeared to be a gun after I made key videos for Netiquette. Animals. I do not want him or his kind using my site. Enough good people use my site now that I feel like I can write that. 

I have decided to make up a new tagline to avoid any confusion with the .XYZ domain because I have for a contest they co-sponsor. The contest I entered into has a one on one session with a front end programmer next week. I am not going because the .XYZ name and tag line matches mine so closely. 

Actually, I have big plans for the .XYZ App that I am building. It is going to start off as a completely original design. After the competition I am going to re-purpose it to increase the quality of my content. It will be a story planner and content creator for the Netiquette Newsletter. Yeah buddy, re-purpose is a new word I learned.

I have no plans to roll out the changes fast. My goal with the new tag line is to make something that says the exclusive rules have been taught throughout the world for many years prior to being removed from the site. They are contained in the books. The fact that the rules have been taught makes the books that much more valuable.

The resources I have for making a tag line are my lyrical writing style, keyword research, and feedback. I am taking action on my new tag line with this blog. The next step is to write out a few possibilities. Then I am going to post them in social media. The tag line with the most engagement wins.

Practice proper Netiquette and let me know what you Like : )

David Chiles
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Gold Standard of Internet Communication

I am not God, but I can save every single person in the world. I cannot cure diseases, but I can tell you that I am making sure many of them will be cured. I can save the world easily, if that is what you want to call it. 

Freedom and equality are life savers. Ignorance and violence are killers. Information makes people free and equal. Netiquette provides a method to share it. Welcome to the Information Age!

The bar of Human Civilization has been raised. Be nice! Netiquette is the gold standard online because I designed it that way. 

I learned that corporate stock exchanges are based on Dutch flower market futures. The Information Age is based on Netiquette in principle. Netiquette motivates our online actions. To test this theory I raised the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) over 200 points on February 5, 2015 (See Picture). 

Netiquette is the gold standard of Internet communication. The world follows Netiquette Rules by created by David Chiles. The screen shot is evidence of this fact. 

First, I want to make it clear that I got a lot more hits than are shown in this screen shot. My real time statistics put the page views at 180,000 with the same amount of hits. Furthermore, I have gotten over hundred thousand views twice in the past two months. My servers were subsequently hacked and the data erased, which is why I am posting a screen shot.

I want everyone in the world to know, God cares about them. My family cares about the world. We are highly educated and very social. The nicest people you will ever meet.

It is the eve of the Information Age in many parts of the world. Some places are already there. The statistics from my site prove that the world wants to work together in peace. I need a little experience and out of the country (USA) to make it happen. 

World peace is eminent. 

If you do not believe me, blow up that picture of my stats. Violence breaks the rules of Netiquette. Everyone follows.

David Chiles
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Friday, January 30, 2015


Have you ever understood what someone was saying when no one else could relate to the person you were talking to. This guy gave me some hyper critical advice in front of people that did not know we knew each other.

This is the latest Netiquette Newsletter promotional video. It is was made to grab the attention of visitors to the sign up page.

Exclusive technology stories and Netiquette opinion for a private subscriber list. Full stories with open content can be found in the Netiquette News section. The Newsletter is a key development in David Chiles' Portfolio.

Sign up for the email subscriber list.

David Chiles
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Social Media Special, Making Contacts

Making contact is social media. It is Netiquette. Content must be contacted through engagement. Contacts make the content, which is what makes Social Special. Any form of encouragement helps improve the self esteem of the creator. We begin to create what people like for fun.

Making content for contacts is fun because it receives validation. Validation is satisfying to human beings because we are social. On the other side, negative comments are extremely detrimental in the wrong cultural setting.

For example, an old white guy being an old white guy. Not in a bad way, 'I'm just saying'. Saying that you do not like a website because it does not grab the attention of user on the landing page is similar to a friend saying, "I think a JavaScript slider may decrease the bounce rate on your landing page." They may go on to say, "Why do  you have a slider on ancillary pages?"

The answer to old white man's questions follow. Thanks for pointing out that my landing page lacks a slider. I have been hesitant to use Bootstrap outside of container div's for 'Best Practices'. They do not render pictures inside of div's proportionately. However, since you are senior member of the group, I will have a slider up on the site within a week, outside a container div. An attention grabber will be fully functional by the next meeting. 

The Information Age will figure out how we can profit from it all. Until it does, the domain is the one who has to figure out the business model. Social Media domains with a lot of accounts are well funded. Users need real jobs. Affiliate marketing is a real job for very few people.

Making social contacts is the way it starts. Social Media has created American domains that every one is using. Ain't that great America. I am even entering into a contest. Feel free to Like it. Beta testing should start soon.

Now, we have to make each other feel special to get what we want. The world wants jobs Netiquette can provide. Programmers have to make special contacts to make automation for all. 

Programming jobs are a start. Social Media jobs for all is the Information Age. Working together is the only answer. We all have to serve each other. Life a service of others in Social Media. Netiquette is the new social order of society. It's the Information Age because China is using it for Informatization.

David Chiles
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