Saturday, February 6, 2016

Social Media Engagement For Good Contacts

Engagement strategies are not what most people would think. They are simply good Netiquette.

Social Media Engagement For Good Contacts
From Friends with Real Benefits by Natalie Hollingshead

Social networking similar to being a good friend or associate in real life (irl) engages others. Teachers are necessary. Someone taught me. 

Introducing myself to everyone at events is one. It is engaging. It does not embrace everyone, which is a more advanced technique for high value markets, good friends. I am not giving everyone a hug.

  • Find An Audience: Hashtags, pages, and groups provide topical audiences.
  • Tell A Good Story: Make it personal. Reiterate audience feelings.Talk about someone else. 
  • Respond to feedback: A dialogue with an audience requires a statement response cycle.

In the article, Tips for Tagging Articles in Audience Optimization, best practices for reaching interested Facebook audiences are explained. This article highlights the fact that keywords do not always determine an audience. They may indicate influence. 

Public figures should always be tagged. Facebook indicates there is a direct correlation between interests and tags in this case. 

Indirect association is also encouraged. This is the most beneficial based on my experience. It can be somewhat of an art. Broad to narrow categories and associations are the suggested method of finding your audience.

In the blog post, 3 Key Strategies for How Companies Engage Customers Around Brand Stories, it shows how brands can make customers heros of a story for successful engagement. 

The video below is a good example. A mother of a child with chronic allergies is the hero of the story. She uses Honest Company products, which help her child stay out of the emergency room. The customers needs for safe products is mentioned first.

Another way to bring other people into things we share is to include them in our words. 'We' instead of 'I'. In general, it is good writing to use 'I' as little as possible. We, our, and us are inclusive words that can be substituted for 'I' in some cases.

Dialogue is engaging. Responding to feedback is a great way to open up a dialogue with our contacts. It can lead to rewarding exchanges, larger audiences, and career advancement. 

New things we learn are rewarding exchanges. Increases in views and likes are larger audiences. New clients or professional contacts are career advancement. Practice good Netiquette. Engage others in social media!

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3 Key Strategies for How Companies Engage Customers Around Brand Stories

Tips for Tagging Articles in Audience Optimization

Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Lesson In Mobile Manners

A lesson in mobile manners that challenges us to be 'present' when our devices can easily take us into cyberspace. Social constraints, Netiquette, have to be imposed for people to be good digital citizens.

Cell phones have been known to disrupt social engagement. There is a growing trend to set the ground rules for mobile manners at the beginning of social events. Some use may be encouraged. Other use may be discouraged. 

A lesson In Mobile Manners
Found on Buzzfeed at Carolyn Kylstra 

Speakers often encourage live microblogging. Providing hashtags to use in posts is common. However, it can be annoying to those who are ignored in order to avoid a topic of discussion.

Our phones are always on according to a Pew Research study, Americans' Views On Mobile Etiquette. This study confirms what most already know. It is annoying for other people to use their phones in public, but we may do it ourselves.

Randi Zuckerberg recently shared her own digital etiquette tips on the NBC Today Show. She mentioned being 'present' several times during her role play presentation with the hosts. Being present in reality is a Yoga concept. It means that your mind is not somewhere else. In your smartphone for example.

  • Silence your cell phone during meals. Otherwise, explain why you must use it at the beginning. 
  • Share information about events with explicit permission. People have a right to post their own pictures, places, and participation. Attendees do not necessarily have a right to do it for them. 
  • Raise your tolerance for online activity by others. We want everyone to be in the moment at social gatherings. Understand that some mobile use may be beneficial to the group. 

These expert tips are based on the common conventions. Pew Research studies and Randi Zuckerberg are influencers with expert knowledge that supplement our common sense standards.

The rules of Netiquette have been established at There is a newsletter for the site. Sign up to keep in touch.

David Chiles
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Americans’ Views on Mobile Etiquette
‘Always on’ mobile connectivity poses new challenges for users about when to be present with those nearby or engaged with others on their screens

January 26th, 2016
Put down that phone! How to encourage 'netiquette' for the digital age

Monday, December 21, 2015

3 Signs of The Apocalypse, Green Building, Bitcoin, and Isis

Three signs of the apocalypse are Green Building, Bitcoin, and Isis. It is the economy stupid. We read the book Heart of Darkness and watched the movie Apocalypse Now in a Humanities program at school. It is thought of in a whole new light by me. Now, it is all Netiquette. The book or movie was about the Vietnam War. 

apocalypse now

It really was a sign of the Apocalypse or Information Age because it was fought during an oil crisis. Maybe it stopped the Information Age from happening. Most of the words and technology we are using today were created in the early 1970's. The Vietnam war was in the mid 1970's.

Email, credit cards, databases, and Informatization are from a different era. 50 years later these 'things' are starting to be developed. They use electricity, which brings us to the first sign of the apocalypse, Green Building.

Green Building is a sign of the transformation from one period in humanity to another from a historical standpoint. Changes in architecture are visible changes in society. In Europe, it was Muslim arches that got the ball rolling on the Industrial Age. It makes me laugh and wonder why the Americas were founded for Christianity, but depend on oil from Muslim countries.

green building

Eco-Friendly architecture is getting the ball rolling on the Information Age. It still goes back to oil, but in a much different way. Peace. Just kidding. Well, that is what Netiquette is all about, conscious transformation.

A Green Lifestyle reduces dependence on oil. The earth is becoming over populated so 'black gold' is still more important than ever. What I am really saying is, who knows what the Egyptians were thinking when they stopped building pyramids. 

All we really know is that they stopped working together. The economies started failing. Architecture changed. There was war. These things were symptoms of the end of the Age of the Pyramids.

Bitcoin is the devil. It reminds me of another movie, Mama's Boy. The main characters Mother called Football the devil. This brings us back to the 1970's actually. A centralized currency system was, is, or hoped for in the Information Age.


France forced the world to move to a floating rate economic system that used the US Dollar as a standard unit of measure. Sounds like Bitcoin to me, but it is centralized. France called the bluff of the United States regarding the gold we claimed was in Fort Knox. 

My best guess is that we had not had enough gold in their since the 1950's when telecommunications took off. It took them about twenty years to tap our phones. So we came up with a new economic system for the Information Age and innovated some really great technology.

This brings us to Isis. It shocks and outrages me that we cannot find a diplomatic way to deal with the Muslim world. The outrage is that we are dependent on oil and have no say in how they do business.

It seems that Isis feels the same way. For many years their apparent success has baffled me. The media is hiding the fact that they are using traditionally American values to recruit soldiers. Who knows what they are really about. When I saw the picture of an African American from San Diego killed in Syria fighting for Isis, it was mind boggling. 

There is no way to defeat Isis. They will fight to the death. They are terrorists who do not care if they die fighting. The thing is that they have a semi-democratic ideology. Democracy is a conscious form of government.

Social change must come to the Muslim world. There cause is similar to the American revolution. The problem is that it threatens the entire world. Hold on there for minute. Let us work something out is how I feel the entire world should be acting.

I got a big idea. Let's practice Netiquette. Ha, ha. We are going to practice it no matter what. It all depends on marketing. Just like email, credit cards, and databases. When there is enough financing and a good team behind it, it will happen. The iPhone got us going green.

Embrace the apocalypse. Work together for the economic benefit of everyone. Go Green. Stop terrorism. Learn to program. Visit my site. Bookmark it. Peace!

David Paul Chiles Communications

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Viadeo Netiquette Rules

Viadeo is a professional social networking, social network, site with a lot of potential. It does not have a lot of users in the United States. There has been genuine user engagement with the Netiquette brand for many years. It is coming of age.

The Viadeo Group is a leader in social networking in France and China. Those are two of the strongest Netiquette markets. China and France are the number two and three identified users of Netiquette. Their core markets are Netiquette core markets.
Viadeo Netiquette Rules

Viadeo Netiquette Rules

Viadeo netiquette rules. It is set to leverage their users for a lot of growth. There are apps in major mobile apps stores, Android Google Play, Apple iTunes, and Windows Mobile. Netiquette is being established because the User Interface (UI) Design (UX) is great and it serves core markets poised for growth.
Rules of Netiquette for Viadeo

Rules of Netiquette for Viadeo

  • Complete your profile.
  • Accept contact requests.
  • Share your profile.
  • Create and join groups.
  • Post regularly.
During the time it took to write this blog my network increased by 40%. These Netiquette Rules work. The markets they are in are growing. Practice proper Netiquette.
David Paul Chiles Communications
David Chiles

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cut The Cable Cord Let Freedom Stream

CUT THE CORD IDIOT. Television is known as the idiot box. Therefore, cable is slavery because it has more anti-social content. Netiquette says, no cable nothing. For the uneducated and others who may have never heard the saying that, 'television is an idiot box' please read my blog about the topic. 

This blog post is about how to watch video online. In addition to, how to watch online video my call to action is to watch informational and positive entertainment. No more cable, violence, or rape. 

There is no way to describe how I have felt watching some of the scenes from video in popular American culture. The content is unconstitutional in my opinion and should not be tolerated by anyone for any reason. This blog offers a way to control your media consumption.

Cutting The Cord
  • Find a replacement
    • Internet
    • Books
    • Group Activity
  • Call To Cancel
  • Be Nice, Have Fun

  • Find A Replacement
Most people in the psychology world already know that an addiction requires a replacement to be ended. America is addicted to or enslaved by mass visual media, television, depending on how you look at it. Everyone watched the Super Bowl. 

The only person that I talked to about it that believed it was just a game was my Mother. Everyone else said it was 'fixed'. There is absolutely no evidence to support that claim whether you agree or disagree internally. 

America is going crazy. I do not know what it is that is making us act this way. Maybe it is the cool aid.

Do not get me wrong. I am very manipulative. Tweets could have influenced the outcome. There is no way to tell. The Patriots fan with the most followers could have encouraged her team to win. That is called America field advantage.

I mean come on man. I was terrified when I saw Katy Perry up in the air like that. She performed for America. The Patriots won.

Television makes us crazy is all I am trying to say. It is an idiot box like the saying. Violence is the reason for my opinion. Football is violent. I do not want the Patriots Quarterback to play another down. He has stood in the pocket enough.

    • Replace television with Internet video, books, and group activity. 
 America will be a better place. The economy will benefit. 

There are Internet streaming services that provide much of the same content as television, film, and cable. Roku, Amazon, and Google provide electronic devices to stream Internet content to televisions. Check out the December edition of the Netiquette Newsletter on YouTube for complete descriptions.

Books are better than TV. I am sure there is a way that I could prove this scientifically based on book lovers versus Video watchers, but I would rather speculate. This is a blog, which is not absolute. I read a book about it called the Talent Code. 

In the Talent Code it acts like there is a secret called deep practice that makes you a talented person at whatever. I code by hand, which makes me the most talented programmer in the world according the logic of the book. I agree based on my statistics, but that does not get me a job.

The lesson in the book that I identified with most was reading comprehension when all words are not included. I write tweets in like ten different languages regularly. I program in several different languages regularly. Read books for talent is what I got out of the book. Practice something hard to grow. A self taught person is better than someone who was trained, enslaved to do something.

Group activity is my favorite alternative to television. I feed off meeting new people. It is the Rich Dad Poor Dad concept from that book. I explain it differently, but will defer to the book. I have a very rich Father, who is a typical African American that does not take care of his kids. So I feed off the connections, but cannot really make them work for me right now.

Group activity is economic in nature because it costs money to get there. Travel is required. One activity encourages another. Money is spent. People have fun. I love it.

  • Cut the cable cord. Don't be an idiot anymore.

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Friday, February 20, 2015


I came across numerology references so much during my study of George Washington that I decided to read up on it. I first became interested in the subject when I read that George Washington bowed his head or something at ceremony where a corner stone was placed. 

Numerology is used in construction. Based on my research Numerology is a set of formulas whose results often equal binary or serial numbers. I made up my own numbers for Netiquette. They roughly correspond to computer networking layers. An inverted pyramid of social rules with numbers.

The Numerology processes I studied are similar to doing your taxes. I am a 1, which is rare, but I am not a head of household. Everything is in reference to the stars, tides, and other seasonal "natural" things. I speculate it was a taxation scheme that determined a persons place in society during Egyptian times. Mayas had the most accurate calendar.

That is it, I do not think George Washington bowed his head to anyone. John Adams was probably above him. I think he was involved in some type of role play based on numerology and construction practices. An Asian person said to call it superstition. An African American woman became really upset when I called numerology superstition. I made up my own numbers for equality. 

I do know that everyone in politics follows general numerology practices or an African American claiming affiliation with the nation of Islam would not have been able to say it. It was heavily referenced at the million man march. The numbers we use are Arabic. I made up my own for equality.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

School Rules & Communication Tools

Netiquette is either basic or high level, which makes it for the middle class in America if you understand what I mean. I came to the conclusion that if I cannot lecture adults in the technology community about Netiquette, that it is purely educational. There are several other reasons. Schools are the primary teachers of Netiquette Rules. 

Basically everyone has to know the rules of Netiquette by There are recently updated core communication conventions of the internet and mobile devices. Based on what I learned at a technology conference the United States has a mobile culture. Based on analytics and feedback schools use the site most. 

No more site specific rules and mobile is the largest category. The thinking is that a simple code, which is still being developed, will stabilize the market. As the code develops there will be rules for educating the world in technology communication. Books will provide advanced techniques for interested parties.

The mobile market is the market I am courting. It seems to be the most interested in America. There is a lot of growth in emerging markets as well.

New developments in Netiquette will be available in the Newsletter. The Netiquette Newsletter plans to become more entertaining with cultural stories after the core site develops. This is the plan with the new tag line.

Netiquette School Rules & Communication Tools

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Facebook Fan Page Netiquette Rules

Facebook Fan Pages have come a long way from their humble start. In fact, I was coerced by the coding to start one in the first place. Facebook Netiquette began with a simple Netiquette group that grew to over 1000 participants. Eventually, it turned into a Fan Page with one member in each of the two groups. Needless to say, Fan Pages are good netiquette now.

A Fan Page is not what it used to be. Now, third party companies can build applications to add tabs to a page. I sell my iRap music from SoundClick on my Nerdcore fan page. The Netiquette Fan Page has a Goodreads tab for promoting the Netiquette Book Series. Fan Pages are a whole new form of netiquette.

Fan Page Netiquette Rules
  • Add and explore tabs in Facebook Fan Pages.
  • Receive updates from pages in your News Feed.
  • Look for content to like.
  • Provide positive feedback about posts.
  • Share Fan Pages with your contacts.
David Chiles
The Principles of Netiquette

Friday, May 30, 2014

OK Cupid Netiquette Rules

I found the website OK Cupid with a Google search because I just felt like I was missing something when it came to dating website netiquette. After seeing the site in search results and news articles I remembered seeing an advertisement for it. OK Cupid is a free dating website that I do not use frequently. It is a site with a lot of good press.

I have a few simple netiquette rules for the site since I have only just begun to use it. They may change.

OK Cupid Netiquette Rules

  • Questions - Fill out questions until you reach a 90% match.
  • Quizzes - Create quizzes for potential matches.
  • Pictures - Upload at least three pictures.
  • Rating - Give good ratings.
  • Be Nice - Share encouraging words about appearance. 

I am a little turned off by the site because the match questions are endless. I tried to answer them all until I realized this.

David Chiles
The Principles of Netiquette

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How About We Netiquette Rules

How About We is a dating website with a new angle. They arrange dates for singles and couples. There are mobile apps available for the site in the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play store for Android. 

How About We is a thoughtful company that is well financed.  I know because the fonts are really pretty. Just kidding (JK), they have approximately 18.5 million in funding. The company also makes an exclusive messaging app that allows you to communicate with the one you love only.

Given that the company has a lot of financing and pretty fonts it will be in business for the next five years. I am not sure how the business model works, but it is an inviting site. We will have to see if my netiquette gets me a date. The site doesn't feel like a winner, but it looks like one.

How About We Netiquette Rules
  • Post a date idea.
  • Download the mobile app.
  • Use the site with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Use the you and me message service with your mate.
  • Read the date report.
These are the rules I am getting started with. Hopefully, my first date will be at Louis IV in downtown Los Angeles, CA. 

David Chiles
The Principles of Netiquette