Sunday, May 29, 2016

Teaching Netiquette

Teaching netiquette. The art of online cultural expression is expanding. Netiquette is being taught by more organizations than ever.

Teaching Netiquette
virtual cultural platform, Art Lab and children’s creative workshop

Cub Scouts are learning it in Port Washington. The Central Asian and Southern Caucasian Freedom of Expression Network is teaching 'virtual culture' and including the dissemination of news about war in Azerbaijin. The British Council, a UK education and culture organization, in India is teaching it in a blended course called myEnglish.

The Girl Scouts have been teaching it for many years now. They have a Netiquette badge. Internet privacy and cyber bullying are recurrent themes in these courses on different levels. Children are taught the basics. Young adults are taught the nuances.

What struck me the most were the High School students and teachers learning it together in Azerbaijin. One of the students had a full beard that was well trimmed. It seemed that they were all highly advanced for their age. Especially to be learning about the politics of war.

Virtual culture is a term used in that article. This term appeals to me because it makes it clear that the internet is not real. Something of growing importance as virtual reality begins to take hold in our culture.

Let us all help to create a positive virtual culture free of war. It seems we will not end wars in the near future. World unity is something we can strive for. 

It may take another world war is the unfortunate take away for me from learning that there is war netiquette.

David Chiles

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Breaking Netiquette Rules

Until recently there has been little enforcement of netiquette rules in the United States (US). Canada, Italy, and France enforce them in many different ways. 

From Leadership and Breaking Rules

Network administrators, community managers, are beginning to enforce them here in the US. Crimes have been solved through social media. Internet etiquette has become more than just a set of rules because enforcement is beginning to happen.

Radio Canada International enforces netiquette in their comments section. Their site is ranked 123,543 Worldwide and 4,499 in Canada by Alexa, which is high. 

The question, what happens when you break the rules, was raised in an Italian blog. There are many examples of websites based in Italy enforcing the rules.

My definition of equality can be a guide to good comments, posts, or anything else that may be moderated. It comes from vocabulary words in my news section (April Vocabulary Words).

Equality defined in the spirit of the United States declaration of Independence is that all beings are created equal. Excluding classes of people from human rights is not socially acceptable.

To answer the question, our content is deleted when we break netiquette rules. Other users take great offense to it. Some may take pride in it. 

Authentic content that does not hurt anyone's feelings is the type of content we strive to create. It is what builds a good cult following. Good culture.

David Chiles

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La netiquette sui social network, e su AppleKiss?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Unteach Hate Speech

Most people have an imaginary line between what they consider hate speech and joking. Shaming others for their sexuality definitely falls into this category. It is the tip of the 'iceberg'.

From The UNESCO Portal

Several organizations in France are taking legal action against Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for offensive posts they have found on the networks according to this BBC Article. France allows legal action for this. 

At the tip there is shaming women for their bodies. Underneath there is other hate speech directed toward specific groups.

For example, a gorgeous Meteorologist, Liberte Chan, was asked to cover up live on air recently. The Today Show ran a story on it. She called it a joke. A male co-anchor handed her a sweater. 

He is definitely a hater. It would not surprise me if he made racist jokes based on his response to backlash. There is no excuse. 

Oddly enough this issue is addressed in a video about the first of the core rules of netiquette. We may get away with racist remarks or other hate speech in small groups, but they cannot be tolerated in a larger audience.

Learning from mistakes is a great way to handle bad behavior that comes to light. The male anchor has to learn what he did was wrong. Unteach hate speech.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube face action over hate speech

Meteorologist Liberté Chan asked to cover up dress on live TV, calls it a 'joke'

Monday, May 9, 2016

Education, Adult Activity, and Technology

Education, adult activity, and technology are converging where students meet. There have been two popular stories involving sexting at school and the police this first week in May 2016. Happy Mother's Day.

Education, Adult Activity, and Technology
EdTech from Ed Tech Terminology Teachers Should Know About
EdChat is a popular Twitter hashtag related to Netiquette with a focus on edtech (education technology). This goes to show us that tech is used for educational communication on a social level. Police have become involved when it is used for adult activity by minor students.

Video, periscope and snapchat, is now used for adult activity by minors. Personally, these apps are beyond me right now. Still trying to figure out Snapchat. The news is my favorite aspect.

It seems we are teaching our students to engage in adult activity with technology by including it in education. There has to be a new level of tolerance and intolerance where this is concerned. The more information we share with each other the more adult activity will spread.

Abusive behavior is something that should not be tolerated. Positive relationships are acceptable. Safety should be taught.

No abuse. Troll activity often has an adult component. We have to accept men and woman for who they are. Even if they choose to engage in adult activity online.

There is a story with parenting tips from adult actresses. They are people. The story tried to glamourize them a little. Based on my experience, people with tattooed arms are on serious drugs. 

It seems schools should develop a policy. Teachers and classes must have specific rules. Appropriate age limits should be set. Adult activity has to be accepted for its healthy benefits. No abuse.

Adult activity is good netiquette for adults. Learning appropriate use is edtech and edchat. Those of us who don't know how to use it in that way, we may never learn.

David Chiles

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Parenting Advice from Real-Life Porn Star MILFs

Police seize cellphones in sexting investigation at Gardiner High

Monday, May 2, 2016

Good And Bad Technology

Good and bad technology. Netiquette is technology etiquette simply put. There is an age old argument that objects, devices in this case, mostly used in gun arguments in others, are neither good nor bad. 

Photo from Good Tech
They may be used for good or bad. Netiquette is the answer in terms of technology because it is an ethical philosophy that promotes goodwill. It is not that simple with guns. 

Guns are bad because they are designed to kill. However bearing arms is necessary to preserve our freedom if challenged according to the formation of the United States of America. 

The question was raised in an article that argued for teaching network etiquette. In When technology isn't fun it was called IT etiquette. Nuclear technology seems to be the most complicated issue.

Lying Bastard
Barack Obama Photoshopped photo from American and Proud

Researching this blog a newfound respect and lack of respect was found for our own president Barrack Obama. This New York Times post got me started. For the most part it seems he did not 'mess up' as much as George Bush did. He is doing a better job. At least that is what I say publicly. 

Technology can be used for good and bad. Nuclear technology has a lot of good uses. Nuclear weapons are bad. 

Barack Obama seems to know this. An article written by him in college is a very good op-ed piece about the subject, Breaking The War Mentality

His actions indicate he is not very truthful. We are currently engaged in a Nuclear arms race for a new class of weapons. Obama made several promises in his campaigns that were not kept.

He said he would reduce nuclear weapons and let tax cuts for the wealthy expire. He increased our Nuclear arsenal and signed an extension of tax cuts for the wealthy into law. 

My call to action is for leadership. The United States of America is a criminal organization. Everyone in leadership already knows that if the leader is not truthful people beneath him are going to break the law. 

Let us use technology in good faith to further humanity. Neither leading candidate for president can be considered a good leader. Hillary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq. Donald Trump is sparking riots when he speaks.

My only experience is in customer service and community leadership. Nothing political. All the good people in the world and United States in particular get involved. 

We need to rid ourselves of everyone in the leadership and law enforcement system. We can replace them in the system they are criminally using against us.

Practice good netiquette. Follow the law! We need to use our Nuclear technology differently.

David Chiles

Monday, April 25, 2016

We Define The Future With Our Words

We define the future with our words. Most of us know about the relationship between positive words and good experiences. They promote them. Promotion makes things happen. 

We Define The Future With Our Words
Future Leaders from Insperity

The internet has given us a unique opportunity to control our own destiny. We lead our own lives. Online interaction allows us to share. 

This provides more influences, opportunities, and meaning to the life we lead. Words are how we order it. The Netiquette News is defining positive words in popular culture. 

Positive Words from List of Positive Phrases

The Internet Dictionary is for those that are well defined. Tech news stories empower us to influence each other with new means of communication. 

We become aware of new opportunities with technology. Search and there is a lot to find. Where to search has its own opportunities as well. New markets are being created.

This can mean a lot to us. We are no longer solely influenced by traditional media. Breaking news is all a-Twitter before it goes mainstream.

Our challenge is to embrace technology to define our future. We all have to participate or someone else will define the future for us.

It is no longer the responsibility of government to educate us. There is a lot to learn for those who are no longer part of the education system.

Read the Netiquette News!

David Chiles

Monday, April 18, 2016

Social Media Souls, Stories, and Sites

Social Media souls, stories, and sites make an industry of engagement. Wikipedia rules. Facebook defines it. A lot of sites share about it. Social Media netiquette is the culture.

Genuine engagement is what we are looking for. It comes from our soul. Humanity is soulful. 

Stories are how we share. They are opinions for the most part. Facts are used to promote our beliefs. 

Sites offer tips. They do a lot of Search Engine Optimization to get where they are. It seems sort of slimy since genuine engagement is what we are looking for. 

It is cultural at its core. Below are two of the most definitive pop icons in the world giving each other a big hug. Selena Gomez has so many Instagram followers it is amazing. She is a pop icon to me because of her role in Lords of Dogtown about skaters in Venice. 

Back in the day I thought the skaters were taking advantage of my kindness by asking me to pick up trash on the beach in Venice. After seeing the movie with her in it a better understanding of the rite of passage was garnered. Heal The Bay is one of my volunteer activities now.

The picture shows genuine engagement because both of them have similar star power. We have to engage each other in our interests and or on our level. Disingenuous engagement is just for exposure. It can nice or obligatory as well.

Social Media Souls, Stories, and Sites
Selena Gomez hugs Taylor Swift from Cambio

  • Wikipedia rules. This domain serves as an online encyclopedia that users can edit. The editing features make it social media. The content it contains make it the default authority on everything. Even when it is wrong. An absolute ruler that is open to change. In the any case it can be complicated. Netiquette is simply the culture that is complicated by interests of others. Advertising for example. References, further reading, and external links are the other interests of the wiki. Often times we look up one thing and end up on another.
  • Facebook defines social media. The features of fb rule. It is the top ranked domain in the industry and third ranked website overall according to Alexa. There is no way to question their leadership. This is not to say they will never be undone because there was once a time when we all used Microsoft computers. Now there are more people using Android phones.
  • There are a lot of websites that share about it. An entire genre of news is dedicated to it. This is something uncovered by me when researching the interests of my followers. They love tech news. Technology news is all about social media. Most legitimate news agencies around the world have small sections dedicated to it. The market is a growing niche. There are a few favorites, but no clear leader. It is all SEO at this point. The once clear leader has fallen from grace.Yahoo is the fifth ranked website in the world dogged by negative media and poor financial data currently up for sale to the highest bidder.

We can all have genuine engagement and prosper by following cultural conventions. Everyone could use a little netiquette. Let's all share and share a like.

David Chiles
David Paul Chiles Communications
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Monday, April 11, 2016

Practice, Discipline, and Support Netiquette Rules

Practice, discipline, and support netiquette rules. This conclusion came from reading other internet etiquette blogs. It was inspired by a Lil Wayne lyric.
Repetition is the father of learning.

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne image from Rap Genius
Most of the other blogs reiterated my own feelings. Lack of discipline seemed to affect all who wrote about customary contact online. We know the customs, yet do not always follow them ourselves.

Some of the blogs had profound content. There were three in particular that caught my eye for different reasons. 

  • Complex issues invite miscommunication according to Amy Stephson
  • Teach others to cite sources. Leading by example was the Reflections Blog.
  • Using the word "I" to begin a paragraph happens more and more online according to Descriptive Backlash.

Knowing these things is not enough. It takes practice to deal with them. Clear writing is difficult. Brevity is my answer.

Citing sources is disciplined because we generally get our ideas from somewhere else. Remembering where and citing them is hard. Placing the backlinks in our content is time consuming. Discipline.

Putting the readers first by writing in terms of us instead of I takes support in my case. Feedback from an online class assignment reminded me to follow my good education. 

It felt great to find so many good blogs about online etiquette. It gave me more confidence to practice my craft. Everyone could use a little netiquette. Practice, discipline, and support netiquette rules.

David Chiles
David Paul Chiles Communications
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The descriptive backlash

Monday, April 4, 2016

Millennial Manners Are Good Internet Etiquette

Millennial manners are good internet etiquette. My looks allow me to connect with millennials. Beyond that we have Internet Etiquette in common.

From Attracting Millennials with Company Values

It is one thing we all have in common with them. Millennials are the first generation to grow up online creating slang terms we have to know. It is not really slang any more.

Their words are good hashtags in my eyes. Words not to be spoken, but written for brevity and connection. Maybe we are on the same page. It's all netiquette.

A millennial is a person born between 1985 and 2005. Generations are approximately 20 years. The first website was registered in March of 1985.

Manners are required social conventions that come from practical use. Etiquette is an arbitrary social code. The internet makes etiquette a form of manners where it is concerned.

According to PopSugar's list of slang for old people, mine is outdated. According to their list of internet slang, I'm extra. (See references at the end).
My sis used to tell me all the time you don't look as old as you say you are. I was a little sus of what she was saying until these lists came out. Now, my goals AF are to make my site legit.
We need to use these words to connect with our audience. They are decision makers for trends. Social Media rules, but reality works.

'Facebook is for old people' is the last thing a millennial told me. My little cousin. Snapchat that's cool. 

I was telling him how I wanted to work for Snapchat because it was so cool, but my real life contacts don't use it. I didn't know how to use it. A couple of them were found on it. 

The fact is, according to Re/Code, that Facebook has all the millennials. They just think it is for old people now, even though they still use it. Snapchat is definitely cool.

Snapchat is definitely a growing rival. What it boils down to is that we all have to use Facebook and Twitter with millennial slang to connect with an internet savvy audience because they grew up with it. This is not to say they aren't both MySpace's waiting to happen. 

It is to remind us that MySpace was recently acquired by Time Inc. who named the computer the 'Man of The Year" in 1982 as joke. Now there is a generation of people raised by him. 

Follow the rules of and stay flexible. It's all netiquette ; D

Are Young People Leaving Facebook? Not Even Close. (Chart)

18 Slang Words That Will Make You Sound Like an Old Fart

11 New Slang Terms to Memorize If You Want to Stay Cool

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Who Determines Internet Etiquette? Sexy Women

Who determines Internet Etiquette? Sexy Woman because a recognized authority on the issue who gave a seminar about it at SXSW 2016 is referred to as the blond girl and aspiring actress in a Forbes article about her.

Internet Etiquette

This is a little bit of snarky sarcasm which Lana Berry is known for, but true in some respects. You decide it. The word netiquette came from sarcastic humor. Etiquette is a social code. It is arbitrary based on the definition. Manners on the other hand are necessary for effective communication. 

who determines internet etiquette? sexy women
Haily Clausen from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Netiquette is a combination because popularity cannot determine our best course of action given that education levels vary. The Reddit question on the subject is a prime example.

"Reddit, What do you think Internet Etiquette should contain?" 

The first answer prior to my research was, sex. I put an answer above it. My answer: 
Internet Etiquette should contain tips for effective communication most people follow given that it is a social code. An element of manners for good measure, given that we rely on the internet. Core rules, digital citizenship, browser, search, voip, and design tips.
Based on research people with advanced degrees have sex less than people without them. There is a correlation between education and sex. People with less education value it more. It is stupid to a certain degree.

Thinking about it is fun on some level for everyone. There is no doubt because 'sex sells' in advertising and online. Related websites are often top ranking. Until recently there was no competition. Engaging in a lot of it, well that may be a waste of time.

There is no clear standard for Internet Etiquette other than the section on it with The core rules are the cornerstone.

  • According to content marketing research using BuzzSumo there are no articles with over 1,000 social media shares in the past year. The Verge online magazine could write an article about it any day of the week to surpass that milestone based on my research.
  • Searches related to the keyword return absurd results. The top ranked result is an article from 2012. The Internet is not the same as it was in 2012. It used to me my site until redesigns deleted the landing page.


We determine Internet Etiquette together. You determine it for yourself. Awareness provides leadership on the subject. 

Share your Internet Etiquette techniques!

The Principles of Netiquette provides fundamental techniques we can use to develop our own. Internet Etiquette: Netiquette Fundamentals provides tips, tricks, and general information for power use that can be used as your own. Take the lead because our influence makes a difference in who we, human beings of the world, will become tomorrow.

In all honesty, it comes from our teaching. We have to teach each other. Most of it is what we don't like others to do. Based on my Catholic upbringing it is phrased in a positive light as much as possible. My education was rounded out at a Baptist finishing school college. 

There is a little coursera and community college thrown in. Coursera courses taught me that good blogs must contain at least two sources. In this case the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 website and a Lana Berry article.

David Chiles