Monday, November 23, 2015

The Principles of Netiquette Crowdfunding Campaign

Stuff happens. Sometimes we get forced into things before we are ready. On the other hand some people never do things they are over prepared to do. The Principles of Netiquette Crowdfunding Campaign is something that is past due. It started with a nudge from 'research'.

The Principles of Netiquette Crowdfunding Campaign

Helping make the world a better place is something I have always wanted to do. Netiquette is doing it as a hobby. A professionally written book would be the realization of my dream. A lot of hard work is still left for informatization, but it is a real start. A professional website would be the continuation.

South Korea has benefited the most from my website. They have an academic Netiquette book series taught in schools that catapulted them out of a recession. In one year after they began teaching it Samsung became the world's largest electronics manufacturer. It was part of a government sponsored informatization plan.

There is no question that I am good writer because I have won contests. South Korea began teaching Netiquette in 2006 after I published my website. My skills are academic. 


The Principles of Netiquette is a book for everyone. A Goodreads review suggested hiring a ghost writer. The traffic on my website, Netiquette, provides a unique opportunity to legitimize the Internet. Everyone uses and teaches it.

The Principles of Netiquette is a popular book written by me, David Chiles. Feedback suggests it could reach a larger audience with a ghost writer. I love helping people.

Netiquette helps people use the Internet. It is customer service at its core. The product, the Internet, is one that everyone is being forced to use for various reasons. My work, website, is a sought after companion. A professional work could be a mandatory companion. The market is huge.

Feedback from a Toastmasters speech clued me in to how important Netiquette is to Internet acceptance. It provides reassurance to use the Internet. There is a right way. It is Netiquette.

The Principles of Netiquette are the rules that motivate our use. Fundamental guidelines we can follow to use it appropriately.

This Go Fund Me project is a spark for the Internet to take off in a new way. There have been many sparks leading up to this moment. Facebook was a spark. Crowdfunding legislation is another one. This book could bring it all together to start the fire.
David Paul Chiles Communications
David Chiles

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why did you do it, How did it happen, and what is Netiquette?

The question what is network etiquette, netiquette, surrounds the why and how. It is the solution to all of our problems, effective communication, that sparks the Information Age. All of it comes from the why. 

Why did you do it, How did it happen, and what is Netiquette?

How and what were actually thoughts in my mind when I created the core rules speech for Toastmasters. Effective communication is an answer to the world's problems. The Information Age provides the solutions with products. The monetary system is changing.
Why did you do it, How did it happen, and what is Netiquette?
The message is one from my Mother’s side of my family, Raya’s. I made the website because helping make the world a better place is something I have always wanted to do, Why. How I made it happen was by sending positive messages included in communication conventions. What I did was create profiles on social networks connecting with people who dress similar to me.

Ruling The World

Netiquette rules provide reassurance that the Internet is legitimate to everyone who uses them because they are popular conventions. Social media validation is completely separate from the website. The domain is coming together in a way that provides everyone the opportunity to have a legitimate online experience.

A site linking into Netiquette displays my vision of how it should be used. A group, class, voted on which rules they should follow. Then placed a backlink to my site on their wiki.

There is so much that has to be done by me alone that I am not sure what is going to happen with the site overall. There is no way to make a pitch for crowdfunding without following my education. Until now it has been propped up by the idea. 

Elevator Pitch

It takes planning, Social Media Marketing, and great content to make it happen based on research. So, it is becoming even more of a hobby. I am looking for a job more than anything else because the planning and content take up so much time that Social Media Marketing may not be possible until a crowdfunding pitch is ready.

As it develops, Crowdfunding is becoming a topic of interest in my hobby. Honestly, equity crowdfunding is something that I would like to do with my life. It is exactly what I told a group of people at the Harvard School of Education when they recruited me, but the concept had not been developed yet.

It could make one class of people, a larger middle class, or a larger upper class. All of the systems eliminate poverty without socialism. Netiquette is required. 

That is why I made it. How it was done was with the support of good people in social media. It is about guidelines for well developed domains.
David Paul Chiles Communications
David Chiles

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Paris Attacks Everyone, Ecommerce, and Equity

Working together requires role play with leadership. We can all get in where we fit in. The American Dream is to make your own way with role play.


Recent terrorist attacks in France are attacks on everyone because it creates more division in the world. Netiquette is a concept of role play guidelines that give us all equity in ecommerce. These conventions provide reassurance to everyone that we can work together, network etiquette.

Information is the basis of the next phase of human society, the Information Age. Network etiquette is a requirement. We have to work together first for computers to work together. Social Media has been instrumental in equity investments for capital and revolutions for equality.

Equity seems to be the divisive issue. A ruling class and subclass has clearly emerged. One class seems to be sought by many people. 

Socialism is bad. Netiquette is good. Many values of both can be juxtaposed for social inclusion in a meritocracy society, the Information Age. Competition is necessary for the world to continue. Corruption has toppled all previous civilizations. 

Technology promises to help everyone. Education is the clear answer. How it is acquired and capital is distributed are the questions.

In conclusion, I am going to start doing what I know has to be done for Netiquette. No team is sought. To be fair, there will be one message brand with a multi-domestic marketing strategy. 

I give up! So to speak. It is not my job. It is a hobby. Maybe crowdfunding will turn it into one.

David Paul Chiles Communications

David Chiles

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Concepts and Capital (Crowdfunding Vocabulary)

Talking to a writer with Huffington Post in her profile was like talking to a con-artist. Netiquette rules were not followed. The things she told me were undoubtedly true, but the whole presentation felt like a hustle because there were no start up intentions in my mind for our conversations. She was a downright bully.

Words that are not part of my vocabulary were used against me. An elevator pitch and pitch deck are new concepts and vocabulary terms that should be learned by everyone. An elevator pitch is similar to a pick up line a man might use on a woman. A pitch deck is something to be used on a date. It all leads up to a proposal.
Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is short persuasive speech to entice investors to learn more about contributing to an idea. 

My elevator rides are about one minute thirty seconds. Two minutes tops. Thirty to forty five seconds if no one is riding with me. My office is on the 36th floor. Since it is called an elevator pitch these time frames can easily be applied to this type of speech.

A connection has to be established. It is a form of sales pitch. The mission of the overall entity must be included. The reason you want them to contribute. What you are doing.

The definition is vague because we all have internal and external customers. Speaking to them should be persuasive about certain topics. These pitches are explained online for raising capital, specifically crowdfunding.

Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is a persuasive presentation with slides, graphics, and figures that concludes with a proposal. It specifically asks for investment. How the monetary investment will be used is key to this type of presentation.

It is a formal elevator pitch. The formality requires a more confident tone based on business analysis. Confidence should be projected in both types of speaking.

These things remind me of Toastmasters table topics and competent communicator speeches. Table topics are topical speech competitions at every meeting. They are no longer than two minutes timed with a buzzer. The first manual for Toastmasters is the Competent Communicator manual. The speeches are five to seven minutes. Advanced manuals have longer speeches.

An elevator pitch and pitch deck are new ways of holding a conversation in the Information Age. They are things that every one should know how to do. This is true, if for no other reason than self defense. The person tried so hard to hustle me that it was downright embarrassing. 

The fact of the the matter is that people like that, do not have websites with traffic like mine because they are people like that. They talk about who they are, not what they do. An effective elevator pitch and pitch deck show who a person is by what they do, have done, and will do.

My first one is in my Start Engine profile. There is a Kickstarter and Indiegogo profile as well. The websites were found doing a little research for a conference later this week.
David Paul Chiles Communications

David Chiles

Friday, November 13, 2015

Crowdfunding To Bring Order To The Internet

As a disclaimer, I watched Thor Dark Realm last night. In the movie, order was brought to the 9 realms by battling trolls. The big battle with the trolls happened on earth when all 9 realms were aligned. Netiquette has brought the 9 realms into alignment metaphorically. The Arab Spring is over. The world is united against terrorism.

Everyone uses my site, but I want to write it so much better. A crowdfunding conference has me pumped up on the possibility of 'starting up'. A psychiatrist in my office talked to me a little about investing. Several series of financing would be planned. Crowdfunding could be a start. 

First, battle my way back to the top. Make a content delivery plan. Give all the trolls on the Internet some good Netiquette.

Transparency is my shot in the dark to bring light to the Internet. Try to get as many people interested in my website. Raise awareness before crowdfunding is sought. There have been a couple of graymail messages on LinkedIn by others to raise awareness for their crowdfunding efforts. Not sure that will work for me. 

Posting the plans to get people on board. It is a multifaceted effort. Content is King. Trolls need to regulated. Guidelines give order.

Post Plan

  • Site rules daily on multiple accounts.
  • Weekly news section articles.
  • Related news stories daily on multiples accounts.
  • New guidelines daily on multiple accounts.

Check out my content. Follow my profiles. Friend and follow. Opening IndieGoGo and KickStarter accounts. 

David Chiles

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Too Much Information for Privacy and Profile

Too much information for privacy and profile. The Internet is asynchronous. Response not required as a Netiquette option.

asynchronous information

It is proper Netiquette to fill out required information on forms for a reason. Unless it has an asterisk by it is too much. There are compelling reasons to include unnecessary info. There are privacy concerns not to provide it.

An asynchronous exchange of data means that the response has no set time frame. It may not have a response. It is out of synchronization.

Email is a prime example. Comments are another one. Profile forms and account setup have subtle nuances. Required information is synchronized as a requirement for setting up an account. Other information is out of synchronization. 

There are things to consider when data is requested. I always ask myself how it will help my online image. If it does not provide enough social value to my profile it is not included. This is the basic equation, but there are specifics.
  • Will the newsletter save me money?
  • Does the profile provide a back link to my website?
  • Do I get to choose a user name or is it my real name?
  • Are there privacy settings?
  • Will the response provide flame bait?

too much information

These are specific questions to consider. Email in general has gotten way out of hand on most of my accounts. Graymail is a real problem. Only newsletters that save me money are worth reading.

Back links to websites and other profiles raise the rank of them in searches. Searches within the domain asking for the back link and others not associated with it. Outbound links are counted in search algorithms for internal websites. Google and other search engines rank sites based on the number of sites linking into them.

Self chosen user names provide a level of privacy. The user name can also be a keyword that helps your online image as long as it is positive. Negative user names detract from an online image.

Privacy settings may allow you to keep some data from the general public. This can help your online image. It makes friendship exclusive. 

Sometimes online information is used against us. Trolls talk a lot of stuff. Information online can be used to talk a lot of stuff. Do not post flame bait.

In conclusion, this blog was meant to raise awareness of our data. Self reported information has become too much.

David Paul Chiles Communications

David Chiles

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Teamwork for Picking Up Slack

Teamwork for picking up Slack, Netiquette, has a learning curve. Network etiquette is necessary to use the poplar instant messaging app for teams. Using slack is similar to the Sprint Networks chirp feature that was popular many years ago. It has a walkie talkie feel. 

Slack allows users to create a sub-domain for team communication. The features of the App are robust. It is widely used in the programming community. Adding team members requires an email invite. Download the app and use the desktop version for maximum efficiency.

Slack Netiquette Rules

  • Direct message (@) questions unique to your situation.
  • Ask general questions specific (#) to a channel.
  • Share (Post) on appropriate channels.
  • Make sure you are part (Contribute) of the conversation.
  • Post pictures and screenshots (Upload).
If you own a domain claim it in your sub domain before someone else does. There is no reason to join if you do not have a team to join or create. Collaboration is the intent. Teams use it similar to Stack Overflow in the programming community. It was learned about by me at a programmers leadership conference.

A programming question is universal. Replying that you are attending a training session may be provided through an email. Over eager to use Slack I posted a response to a training request. Many others followed. It may not have been appropriate.

The network is hybrid social media. It has many features similar to Twitter. The reason it has been used is to collaborate on code. Separate channels within the domain are often created. Sharing pictures may be appropriate on one channel. Screenshots may be appropriate on another. 

It is a teamwork app. So, you have to participate in the conversation to be part of the team. There are usually many channels. Find something to contribute in some way within a channel. 

It was fun using the app. Sort of like a new toy. I would love to start a Slack team in my Netiquette domain to take my site to the next level. I am finally ready for collaborators. It reminds me of how Steve Jobs started Apple with a friend from a computer club. They had the computers. Then found someone to join the team with financing.
David Paul Chiles Communications

David Chiles

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Moderate Means of Communication

Netiquette is in the middle. Moderate means of communication most people follow. It is being made purposely to be a humble how to. 

There is a lot more one can do to send a message and a lot less. Online communication reaches more people with moderation. It is complimented by traditional techniques. They are encompassed into it as well.

There are successful online companies who have a small presence in social media compared to others. They would benefit greatly from a larger presence, but they are doing good without it. Startups put a lot of effort into gaining friends, fans, and followers, but fail.

The quality of contacts has a lot to do with the effectiveness of a message. Engagement is judged differently by different companies. Everything depends on the bottom line. One study claimed that a like is worth $300 to a business.

The value of a like, follower, and fan has more to do with the business model. Currently, Netiquette is not a business. 99.9% of Facebook likes were free. I tested out spending $1.00 to promote posts. It works really well. Twitter gave me a credit. So many people followed that it did not teach me how to use their advertising as intended. The credit was used up too fast because they charge per follow.

The contacts that can be bought have no value to me. It is not a business. The ones that have been found are priceless. They encourage me to keep working on it.

This is a hypothetical. Moderate social advertising, Social Media Optimization, and traditional media advertising are optimal for sending a business message based on my experience. This is something figured out from genuine engagement.

Business is used as a reference because engagement metrics lend themselves to a business mindset. LinkedIn tells you how many people view your post. A blog written on a Sunday had 127 views and it was just a thought.

My messages are effective. They would not be effective if they were extreme. The social parameter used by me is that two people must approve. Generally posts come from casual conversations held with people. 

Moderate messages are things you can talk about with anyone. Extreme messages have a select audience. Stay away from extremes. Do everything in moderation. It is a Netiquette rule ; )

David Paul Chiles Communications

David Chiles

Friday, November 6, 2015

What's Your Emailing Address?

What's your emailing address is a questioned phrased another way in most cases. Domains pose the question as what is your primary email address. This is slightly confusing for most people. The intent of the question makes it difficult. 
What's Your Emailing Address?

All things considered, several email accounts per person is good Netiquette. The question is when to provide each one. Those pre-checked boxes can be hard to see. Diligent follow up to switch contact information may be appropriate. 

We use our accounts for various purposes. Many people have several email addresses. Some of them are disposable. All of them are primary for a certain purpose.

  1. Free
  2. Phone
  3. Fun
  4. Work
These are the categories of our online emailing addresses. There are pros and cons for using each one as your primary address when asked. They should be evaluated before sharing.

Free accounts are good addresses to use as primary because they are not tied to a paid service that may change. Alternatively, there is no cost associated with deleting the account. Social constraints based on those who have it are the only thing to consider.

Android requires Gmail. A very powerful app with many professional grade features. It comes with Google Plus. This adds your information to the contacts of all your associates from that social network. There are already so many potential contacts limiting use is understandable.

Wireless carrier accounts may change when service is changed. They are reliable because many people keep their phones with them most of the time. Very accessible.

Social networks are for fun. Social Media accounts tend to have a lot of alerts. Graymail, newsletters, are fun to read. They often have discounts and other information we asked for. Other account types should not be intermingled with this account. Inadvertent deletion is a real problem for high volume accounts.

Work addresses are last on the list for a reason. The last thing you should do is provide a work address as your primary email address unless it is professional.

Send, receive, and have fun. Keep it Geek. It's all Netiquette.
David Paul Chiles Communications

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Google News Kills The Newspaper

We should all have our own News Stand favorites. Real time news can be Googled and Tweeted. Instead of reading newspapers read articles from Android and iOS News Stand publications. Newspapers are so 19th Century it is not funny. We are in the 21st Century now!
Google News Stand
iOS News Stand

Text is cheap and newspapers are expensive. Newspapers are dead because they are not profitable anymore. Netiquette has a News Stand Edition

The Google Play News Stand is an awesome App. This pre-installed Android App turns Smartphones and Tablets into premium quality newspapers and magazines. It has the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post, just to name a few. iOS has a News Stand too. Nice!

The Washington Post was in bankruptcy before being purchased by Amazon. Now it is a popular online news source with Kindle and News Stand editions.
Google News Stand RSS
The Los Angeles Times is in bankruptcy now. It is a fact, Smart people get their news online. Twitter scoops every news source with real time information. There is a YouTube Channel for citizen journalism. We would rather read about news online or see and hear about it from a reporter with video.

Print media is 19th Century. Broadcast journalism is 20th Century. News Stand Apps are 21st century.

Smart people read online. There is a business trend of failing print media. A social trend for real time information. Trending Twitter topics about events. This all converges into the Google News Stand. It is a place to get high quality information. 
David Paul Chiles Communications

David Chiles