Friday, October 9, 2015

Netiquette in Your Best Interest

Online contacts are not all equal. We all have our best interests in mind. Some of us cultivate them. Others just think about it.

There are rules of engagement for our interests. Netiquette rules are general. Our best interests are personal.

Our code of Internet engagement is history in the making. Our ideas are the Information Age. They are our interests. Sharing them online is an entry into the marketplace of ideas.
Principles of Netiquette
Engaging people in our interests through the World Wide Web (WWW) is Informatization. The transformation of society into the Information Age.

The way this is phrased at leadership conferences, business meetings, and hackathons is problem solving. Think of how to solve a problem to make a business. Pure hustle.

The basic problems of the Information Age are civic. Marketing will decide what trends make businesses popular. It is in everyone's best interest to be eco-friendly.

Make no mistake. I want to achieve greatness in my lifetime (halfway kidding). Becoming eco-friendly is not going to save the world right now. It is a mindset to change it. It is a start.

Netiquette and Informatization are my best interests. Becoming a great leader is a hobby of mine. It has taught me a few things about engaging personal interests online. 
Netiquette Rules

Best Interest Netiquette Rules

  • Remove headphones when speaking to people for proper Netiquette.
  • Engage profiles who follow similar Netiquette to yours. Friend, follow, share!
  • Follow your own Netiquette. Put the I in Internet. The core rules are at
  • Words can hurt you, unfriend people who are unkind.
  • Physical fitness is good Netiquette. Health is wealth.

Talking to an astronaut actor validated my beliefs more than ever. He told me about his upcoming space mission to research the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. There may be something more we could do than just recycle.

Recycling, reducing, and reusing is necessary for the Information Age on a social level. We have to do it just so we can keep messing the earth up the way we already are doing right now. Technological innovation requires more electricity. The population is growing exponentially in developing nations. Poor people are having a lot of children as well. Educated people not so much.

Basically, stupid people are going to ruin it for everyone if we do not work together. The problem is making everyone aware. Consciousness is a state of mind. We all have to be conscious leaders in our best interests to be eco-friendly. Get in where you fit in and help people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Paul Chiles Communications

David Chiles

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mansplaining Netiquette

Matt Damon is the center of a lot of media reports about diversity based on a comment exchange in his reality show. The reports side with a woman who was arguing for diversity on the show. Twitter has rung in very loudly. The hashtags are #Mansplaining and #Damonsplaining. 

Netiquette applies to any online explanation. Offer explanations from expertise & experience. Unqualified explanation is unreasonable.

There are Netiquette ways to do this. Similar to Yoga moves they take practice. For example, A man from Heal The Bay explained why so many cigarette butts were picked up at Coastal Cleanup Day last year. It was the best explanation from a guy ever heard.

He used great sales techniques. First, he acknowledged that yes, some people throw cigarettes in the sand. Then he went on to show me with a diagram how storm drain water is not treated. It goes directly into the ocean. The cigarettes are washed ashore from the storm drains most likely.

Qualified Explanation

Any sort of unqualified explanation is unreasonable. It is not to say it is wrong. It is to say that the reason must be clearly stated with the qualifications. Furthermore, the qualifications stand on their own merit. 

Disagreement is not required to explain something from your expertise or your experience. The listener should understand your point. Their level of awareness should be raised similar to learning a new Yoga pose.

Sandwich Technique

Sometimes bad information must be refuted. In that case the sandwich technique or some variation should be used. Give the listeners a compliment. Refute the information from qualifications. Then compliment the listener.


Based on my experience arguing with woman is not a good idea. Mansplaining is stupid. We men are easily tricked into doing it.

There is a popular saying in urban culture that applies. 'If you don't know you better ask somebody.' Most of the time Mansplaining is making an excuse for something. Other times it can be pure guesswork, jumping to conclusions. Do not jump to conclusions become an expert. It's good Netiquette.

David Chiles

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


This blog is about a video, which, shows how far the Internet has come since Netiquette was created. 
MySpace is no longer the only social media website. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the leaders in the Social Media 'space'. Laptops are the new Desktops in terms of network etiquette. Computers are called devices now.

Netiquettes is a handle that is used by me, David P. Chiles, while communicating in various domains. It is included in my Facebook page URL, 

Currently working on the home section of the Netiquette Dictionary. The layers of Netiquette, Netiquettes is the part this video was made for. It may appear above or below the section. Not sure yet.

Categories, domains, and devices of Netiquette, Netiquettes.
David Paul Chiles Communications
David Chiles

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

10 Daily Yoga Poses Netiquette Rules

10 Daily Yoga Poses Netiquette Rules are simple just like the App. It is rather refreshing to do a simple routine once in a while. 10 poses is just enough to stretch out a little and get the blood in your body moving. A nice workout has followed the App every time it is used.
10 Daily Yoga Poses Netiquette Rules

10 Daily Yoga Poses Netiquette Rules

10 Daily Yoga Poses Netiquette Rules brought something new to my Yoga routines. Rest time. It is important to take a break between poses to keep up your pace. Even though the poses were basic there is some Netiquette involved.

10 Daily Yoga Poses is a Kindle Fire Tablet Mobile App. The App uses icons to guide users through the workouts. There is a timer with bells that alert pose changes and rest time. There is no talking. There are no instructions. It is a what you see is what you get Yoga App. There are a few additional features.

Nothing advanced in this app. The poses are the ones most people with an introduction to Yoga already know. By default poses are held for 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest between each pose. The rest time is something only used by me when exhaustion sets in, until now.
Netiquette Rules for 10 Daily Yoga Poses

Netiquette Rules for 10 Daily Yoga Poses

  • It is proper Netiquette to use the App daily.
  • It is proper Netiquette to rest during rest time.
  • It is proper Netiquette to adjust pose times as needed.
  • It is proper Netiquette to set the reminder.
  • It is proper Netiquette use the App more than once a day.
Using this App made me want a place to use it in my office. The funny thing is that the idea of doing Yoga in the office came from another App that has poses specifically for the office. My evaluation of the three Yoga Apps tried had changed over time.

My initial assessment of the Apps was correct. The last two Apps used have grown on me a little more with continued use. A Yoga App that encompasses all three is something I could see myself making as my first Mobile App.

Right now I am mastering JavaScript and learning how to use API's. There is a little Java practice in my routine. Who knows, Social Media Network could turn into a social network for positive music and Yoga with an App to go with it.

I will just have to try out some more Yoga apps to get it right. More blogs about Yoga Apps are in order because they bring our real life presence to the Internet. It is all Netiquette.
David Paul Chiles Communications
David Chiles

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Daily Yoga Netiquette Rules

Daily Yoga, a Kindle Fire tablet mobile App, has the most advanced Yoga lessons I have taken so far. It really feels like Yoga practice. Yesterday my routine consisted of breathing and posture practice. Netiquette.

It took me a while to get the hang of breathing rounds. Good posture takes practice. The only real poses were mountain and cat.

This App has the most advanced Yoga and features of all the apps tested so far. It is nice. The freemium nature of it seems like a workable business model as well. It may or may not be working for them however. They sell Yoga as a service with a yearly or monthly fee.
Daily Yoga Netiquette Rules

Daily Yoga Netiquette Rules

There are three instructors for this App. There is only one instructor for the free version in my lessons so far. There are definitely some conventions, Netiquette rules, that may be applied to using this app. A regular routine is perfect for applying social rules.
Rules of Netiquette for Daily Yoga

Rules of Netiquette for Daily Yoga

  • It is proper Netiquette to read pose instructions.
  • It is proper Netiquette to read instructor biographies.
  • It is proper Netiquette turn the background music down.
  • It is proper Netiquette to turn the voice instructions volume up.
  • It is proper Netiquette to post an introduction in the forum.
These are basic instructions to get you started. Actually, there are a lot more conventions that apply. Since there is a lot that could be improved upon, those things will be held back. There just is not enough in the free version to keep me in practice with it more than three lessons.

Daily Yoga has a lot of potential. Give it a try. I am not going to buy. Maybe a Yoga App of my own is in order. Who knows?
David Paul Chiles Communications
David Chiles

Monday, August 31, 2015

Simply Yoga Netiquette Rules

Simply Yoga is a Kindle Fire HD Mobile App for practicing Yoga. This weekend three apps were used to do Yoga at the gym by me. A recent application was submitted for a customer service position at a company that has a Yoga as a service app.

The thinking was that in order to be eligible for a customer service job at a yoga service app, some experience practicing yoga with an app is necessary. The experience was better than expected. The mobile apps used were free ones found in the Amazon Kindle App Store.

Simply Yoga was the most familiar one to yoga practiced by me in the past. The rules for the others will follow in later blogs. Simply Yoga comes first because it was the best of the three. Most likely more will be used.
Simply Yoga Netiquette Rules

Simply Yoga Netiquette Rules

Simply Yoga Netiquette Rules are the conventions that helped me practice yoga with the mobile app at the gym. There is a free version for Android as well. It is a freemium app, so there is a paid version as well. Simply Yoga had the best feedback of the free apps for good reason. It has a nice routine.

The yoga routine in Simply Yoga lasted about 20 minutes. The videos were fluid. There are ads on the free version when connected to the internet.
Rules of Netiquette for Simply Yoga

Rules of Netiquette for Simply Yoga

  • It is proper Netiquette to use a book cover tablet stand to do yoga at the gym.
  • It is proper Netiquette to disconnect Wi-Fi before you begin.
  • It is proper Netiquette to turn the volume up all the way. 
  • It is proper Netiquette to follow along with the instructor.
  • It is proper Netiquette move the tablet around as your practicing yoga to watch the instructor.

These rules work. a good workout was earned from using this app. The tablet stand used to view the video has to be attached to the tablet. There are a few reasons you may have to move your tablet once you start your routine. This app works without Wi-Fi once you have downloaded the video. Turning off Wi-Fi eliminates the ads that come with the free version.

It was a good beginners workout. Practice Yoga with this App to get a feel for using Yoga Apps!
David Paul Chiles Communications
David Chiles

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Microsoft Edge Netiquette Rules

Microsoft Edge Netiquette Rules. Edge is the new Internet browser that comes with Windows 10 from Microsoft that works with Internet Explorer. It is nice!

Using the Edge browser feels like the User Interface (UI) Design (UX) of Twitter. Netiquette applies. The Twitter App is even integrated into it quite nicely. There are sharing capabilities right out of the download.

Some stuff does not appear to work, but there is a 'work around'. It is professional quality. Microsoft one upped itself with this one. It is better than Internet Explorer.
Microsoft Edge Netiquette Rules

Microsoft Edge Netiquette Rules

The Netiquette of this browser is built in. It is almost as if Microsoft made all the sneaky features of other browser easy to find in the Edge. This, in order to win the browser wars.

The browser wars are not over. It is a three front war for market share that most had counted Microsoft out of. Firefox is winning by gaining ground on Google Chrome. Microsoft's secret weapon is clearing browser data and sharing. There are rules of Netiquette.
Rules of Netiquette for the Microsoft Edge Browser

Rules of Netiquette for the Microsoft Edge Browser

  • It is proper Netiquette to share tweets with the share button.
  • It is proper Netiquette to clear all browser data regularly.
  • It is proper Netiquette to save favorites in folders.
  • It is proper Netiquette to use the download button.
  • It is proper Netiquette to make web notes.

These few rules will get you started on a better browser experience. Some explanation is required. The new features and benefits work well for seasoned surfers.

The share button is self explanatory. There are many more categories of data to be cleared than other browsers. The favorites folder and download button appear from a mobile menu icon in the top right of the screen. Web notes allow us to highlight and write on a web page similar to scribbling notes in a book. Cool for students.

Get an edge on others online by using the Microsoft Edge Browser!
David Paul Chiles Communications
David Chiles

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Viewster Netiquette Rules

Viewster is a site with original content. The work has a film festival feel. In fact, Their film festival is mentioned in the welcome. 

The site definitely has anime. It is the first category you can browse. Viewing the content does not require registration. Registration is only a matter of Netiquette.
Viewster Netiquette Rules

Viewster Netiquette Rules

This is a cool video sharing website with independent content. Semi-professional to professional content. That means there is a lot of low budget video with great story lines.

Space Janitors is my favorite series so far. It is a comedy spoof of Star Wars. Nerds can find a lot to like in this domain.
Rules of Netiquette for Viewster

Rules of Netiquette for Viewster

  • It is proper Netiquette to register.
  • It is proper Netiquette to watch content from other countries.
  • It is proper Netiquette to watch content with sub-titles.
  • It is proper Netiquette to upload a picture or avatar to your profile.
  • It is proper Netiquette to read the details for video you watch.
This video social network requires imagination. If yours is not very big, it will be expanded. An open mind will expand it even further.

Watching foreign films with subtitles is a good start for expansion. It can get you thinking outside the box. Embracing other cultures through video is a great start to bringing us all together in good Netiquette.

View Viewster!
David Paul Chiles Communications
David Chiles

Monday, August 24, 2015

We Heart It Netiquette Rules

We Heart It Netiquette Rules. That sentences can be interpreted a few different ways. Saying, 'we heart it' is popular. It means we love it. Love rules is a popular saying in American culture from the 1960's.

We Heart It is an image sharing social network. The business model seems to be to piggy back on Facebook and Twitter. Netiquette is being established for the social network because of the name and User Interface (UX) Design. 

I heart the name, We Heart It. The layout and design of the social media domain is excellent. Hearts are good Netiquette.
We Heart It Netiquette Rules

We Heart It Netiquette Rules

The social network has a great design. Very clean. Clean means it has a white background. The pictures show up well. The heart colors, pink, make a nice contrast with the background. 

The font used for text is awesome. The rounded corners give it a lovely feel. There are rectangles for images that contrast the rounded corners in the buttons. Nice.
Rules of Netiquette for We Heart It

Rules of Netiquette for We Heart It

  • It is proper Netiquette to follow famous people.
  • It is proper Netiquette to connect your Facebook account.
  • It is proper Netiquette to connect your Twitter account.
  • It is proper Netiquette to upload your own images.
  • It is proper Netiquette to heart images of others.

These are the basics. The social media site has a lot of potential in great design. In the future I may add widgets and follow buttons to my own site. This is just a start.

Sign up, Heart It!
David Paul Chiles Communications

David Chiles

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Clothes and Cars Netiquette Rules

The Internet is becoming interwoven into the fabric of our lives, literally. Clothes contain wearables. Cars have synchronization capabilities and their own Operating Systems for Apps. Making Netiquette rules for these electronics is necessary, but where do we start.

Clothes and cars are not popular mobile electronics. They are beginning to become available products. Most of them work with Smartphone or Tablet Apps. They need a 'brain' similar to smartwatches, which are wearables.
Clothes and Cars Netiquette Rules

Clothes and Cars Netiquette Rules

Android has many wearables and an Automobile edition OS. iOS has wearables, but there are no automobile capabilities. Apple has the Apple Watch, which is very popular.

Android is leading mobile development based on available products. Apple has more profits. It would be interesting to see all the Android product revenues matched against Apple revenues for similar classes. It may paint a different picture than the one in the media.

Android M is being released to developers. This promises to speed up development of wearables with more OS capabilities. There have been a lot of Hackathons in the Los Angeles area that have gotten the ball rolling in my head at least about mobile clothes and cars. It is a start.
Rules of Netiquette for Cars and Clothes

Rules of Netiquette for Cars and Clothes

  • It is proper Netiquette to use extreme caution when using clothes or cars that have mobile device apps built into them.

The one an only rule is to be careful because doing anything while distracted is dangerous. There are chapters dedicated to clothes and cars in my upcoming book. Furthermore, Official Rules of Netiquette for Smartwatches are included, different from this blog.

Experiment with wearables and connect your car!
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