Monday, October 24, 2016

Bug Fixes And Security Patches iOS 10.1

Bug fixes and security patches is a common description for software application updates. iOS 10.1 was released today, October 24, 2016 to add a new feature. This phrase comes to mind for several reasons.

Bug Fixes And Security Patches iOS 10.1

In terms of netiquette the phrase should be read in context. For me it reads, "we got it right this time without adding anything new. The last version had security holes we know were exploited."  

Bug Fixes And Security Patches iOS 10.1

iOS 10 launched in September. A month later an updated version is released. It is important to note that there have been other minor updates. So, it makes sense that my experience may be similar to theirs.

'The Bitten Apple' is becoming more like the 'Mighty Microsoft' everyday is more analogous. Microsoft is notorious for new releases. In a Netiquette News post about a recent cyber attack, awareness is the call to action for self defense. 

We should be aware that computers are insecure. Using them shall be transparent as a best practice. It's good netiquette because it is the right thing to do. They create data that can be retrieved for later examination. Negative use can be found. It can be eliminated.

Since we are still figuring out what to do and how to do it with computers, little knowledge is required to make, break, and disrupt data. 

Apple made something great. A new camera feature has been added in the portrait mode. Nothing in the hardware changed. 'We got it right this time.' 

The camera has some security upgrades included with the depth of field and blurred background features added to the telephoto and wide angle lenses.

Sounds neat. If you got it, get the Over The Air (OTA) Update. Otherwise it may be something to take note of for similar products in the future.

David Chiles

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Blended Learning

Blended learning is all netiquette. Netiquette is much more. We all must start to learn how to use devices somewhere. This is how it starts because we receive instruction from others to learn new things at first.

Blended Learning is a process for the acquisition of knowledge assisted by devices.

The developed world practices netiquette. We use computers to teach. This requires blended learning or internet etiquette.

This type of education is developing. My website is getting better. The connections between the online community and local communities are getting stronger. It truly feels to me like there will be a smooth transition into a new era of peace, justice, and equality.

The NFL player protests of police brutality make me feel good because they support unity. Agreement, inclusion, and community are the outcome of networking. Human and computer.

Practice good netiquette. Find common ground. Agree to disagree. Consciously learn how to use the internet!

David Chiles

Monday, September 19, 2016

Reevaluation of Human Capital Through Digital Currency

Reevaluation of human capital through digital currency is making us all worth more. Good netiquette

From Cryptocurrency Miners
Digital currency is an electronic store of value accepted to process transactions for goods and services through the internet. Humanity is growing so fast that service jobs are becoming more valuable at a higher rate than high end positions. 

It's making us more equal by raising the value of traditionally lower wage roles and lowering the value roles that serve few people. We have been using credit since the 70's to increase wealth and now we have found a bigger way to do it. Whoa! 

This train of thought comes from Donald Trump's campaign for President of the United States, "Make America Great Again!". America is great. We may not feel as great as we are because we are in so much debt. We can make America a lot greater comparatively.

Startups are creating new business models. The companies that come from them (often several) are making a new class of workers rich. It's all digital. 

They are using financial markets to raise the capital that is administered digitally. The companies are helping more people than ever on a large scale. Technology companies are valued higher than more traditional business sectors.

A segment of this form of value is crypto currency. These are units of stored value exclusive to online communication. More volatile than paper or coin, fortunes have been won and lost dealing with them.

Join the reevaluation to make humanity better by paying people who help us more. Order from an online deliver service. Pay for it from an exclusively online account. Practice proper netiquette.

David Chiles

Monday, September 12, 2016

Newsletter Graymail Netiquette Rules

Newsletter Graymail Netiquette Rules comes from my own experience with inbox zero.The Netiquette Newsletter is a work in progress that proves their is merit to most of the online tips for them. Great content is the brand. Cutting edge formatting, design, and layout are developing. 

Graymail Email Marketing's New Albatross
Graymail is a periodic electronic message from a domain related to a subject or topic of interest. Subscription is required. Responses to the sending address are not accepted, but unsubscription and contact information is provided.

There are a range of rules that apply. Easy to use advice applies to some situations. It follows.

Newsletter Graymail Netiquette Rules

Newsletter Graymail Netiquette Rules

  • Do sign up for those that provide discounts.
  • Don't sign up unless you look forward to getting them.
  • Do sign up for those relevant to interests.
  • Don't sign up for daily messages.
  • Do unsubscribe when its no longer interesting.

My brand promise to readers is to provide an excerpt of this blog with a link. Two small excerpts with links to related information regarding technology. 

Instead of taking a typical news approach. The current development is is thematic. Each week there is a theme. Edutainment, education and entertainment, for informatization.

As a final note, it felt great to meet someone who knew exactly what must be done to scale up at a recent meetup. Which is sort of a joke because every website scales up for informatization by definition. 

Localization presents great opportunities for growth. Join in now. Hyperlocal is happening.

David Chiles

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Efficiency is Good! The Wolf of Windows

Efficiency is Good! -The Wolf of Windows 
This the same in terms of society as saying Greed is Good during the junk bond bubble of the late 80's and early 90's in the United States. It comes from a line in a movie called the Wolf of Wall Street about a junk bond trader. He financed the internet through the telecommunications industry's junk bonds.

Efficiency is Good! The Wolf of Windows
This new version of the quote comes from my inability to find programming partners even though alpha and beta web apps have good traffic. Windows has the most users. When development becomes common more efficient apps will be created. It is a numbers game. The more developers the better the apps. 

Apple started Netiquette by creating a tight knit group of users and developers starting a trend that turned into an industry. It ends with Microsoft.

Developing software on Windows is not common. It requires hours of installation to set up a development environment. The variables change depending on the language and features used. 

Apple Mac computers come with development software installed. The time and difficulty of Windows programming make Mac's the computers of professional programmers.

They are expensive compared to Windows computers. The keyboard is different. Sales are diminishing. Chromebooks are outselling them now. 

A computer class system is developing, netiquette. Windows 10 is for middle class millennials or the one class we are creating with netiquette. Freedom and equality are a change in values. It is determined in new ways. Mobile is a necessity for Digital Citizenship

Join the trend! Don't be left out of the Information Age. Use apps for efficiency. Think about efficient apps. Build them in a windows environment. Make an effort to learn to program as we go back to school. Let's meetup and program. 

Efficiency is good! The Wolf of Windows

Monday, August 29, 2016

Netiquette Rules To Handle Social Media Haters

The 2016 Rio Olympics were a trending topic in social media. United States of America athletes were stars in their sports and online. Some, like swimming legend Matt Phelps, were embraced by it with hashtags, #phelpsface. Others were derided by it, but embraced by their peers. Gold Medalist Simone Biles got to meet her Hollywood crush Zac Efron.
Netiquette Rules To Handle Social Media Haters
Simone Biles

Netiquette rules to handle social media hater's are techniques for fighting cyber bullying. Hating is is a form of it. Negative comments and criticism without any constructive encouraging words.

Hater Netiquette Rules

  • Don't respond to name calling.
  • Do delete disparaging words.
  • Don't let it get you down.
  • Do talk about it.
  • Don't stop going online.

In principle, these tips add value to our online images. They are positive. Negatives detract from it.

Hater Netiquette Rules
Responding to name calling brings us down to the level of negative communication. It detracts from our online image. Deleting disparaging words where possible keeps new visitors from seeing old news. A positive tone shall be kept to avoid a negative multiplier effect from insults or other inappropriate actions.

Report trolls and stay in your routine. There are specific actions and further techniques. Popular conventions for comments apply as well.

Comment Netiquette Rules

  • Delete mean comments.
  • Approve and address differences.
  • Approve and reply with a thread.
  • Delete and respond in email.
  • Approve and respond in email.
  • Blog about it.

Make good content. Positive over negative. Share likes. 

David Chiles

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Efficient Life of The Netiquette World Order

The efficient life of the netiquette world order is a joke analogous to the phrase the, "good life" and "new world order". We have more control over our productivity and waste than ever. 

The Efficient Life of The Netiquette World Order
From Efficiency

We can take leadership by using the internet for good things. To be more productive and less wasteful. It takes a conscious effort. The "i" in internet means that we are all leaders of our own teams. Friendship has new meaning. There are more ways to help. 

Efficiency Netiquette Rules

  • Update mobile apps once a week over Wi-Fi
  • Open and use free outlook and gmail accounts (download appropriate mobile app).
  • Make a calendar with reminders.
  • Become familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio.

Programmers make computing possibile. They build code that make us more productive and less wasteful. A 'good life' is achievable by more people than ever before.

"Things", computers with IP Addresses, are still working themselves out. Right now programmers are in the most demand. Innovation is everywhere. 

Calendar applications manage our time. Many free email applications have powerful calendar apps built in. They are accessible on mobile devices. 

An entire category of software is dedicated to making us more efficient. Productivity programs create files that we work with. This includes email, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and diagramming.  

These files are often used for personal and professional reasons to manage lives and businesses. Microsoft is the most popular provider. Their free and premium services are the industry standard. Google offers a free suite of similar products.


Sustainability has created an industry of eco-products, healthy living, and conservation aided and assisted by computer technology. We are buying products made with less resources created from computer research and technology. 

Programmers are building pyramids of code. The resulting software makes us more productive and less wasteful.

These rules will help us reach our collective goals because we are connected. Efficient is the new easy. Hard work is discipline. Punishment is being eliminated. "Things" are making it more productive for us to be safe. 

Learn to program? Buy things online$ Participate in e-commerce! Practice good netiquette; D Work with as many people as you can to make your goals happen and help with our collective goals. The world we always dreamed of may become a reality in the Information Age.

David Chiles

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Netiquette To Avoid A Connectivity Creep

Netiquette to avoid a connectivity creep refers to the time we spend online. You know when it creeps up on us to take longer than we first thought it would. 15 minutes turns into 2 hours. An hour turns into an all nighter.

Netiquette To Avoid A Connectivity Creep

Connectivity Creep Netiquette

  • Set alarms or timers.
  • Bookmark websites to revisit.
  • Short bursts of online activity. 30 minutes at a time.
  • Go online with a friend.
  • No music.

Stuff happens. We can easily get carried away with our online activities. It is all netiquette. We are designing electronics so that we can always be connected. That does not mean we always have to be engaged.

A connectivity creep is the total amount of time spent online longer than anticipated by incrementally increasing session time. Five more minutes until it turns into 3 hours total.

connectivity creep
From Time Spent Online Overtakes TV
This is not necessarily wasted time. It is unplanned. Being online may be better than reality. A really important reason could exist. 

Balance has to be achieved between the value of our online activity and personal connections. The internet is supposed to help us live our lives to the fullest. If it is not helping, it is not worth it.

Wasting time does have entertainment value. The connectivity creep does not discriminate between entertainment and employment. We often spend too much time working.

The cultural connection to our real and online communities is management. It benefits us to control ourselves. Be reasonable.

Make your best judgement about the time you spend. Compare the benefits and drawbacks. Don't let the connectivity creep bother you. Visit This is the discretion core rule redefined.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Netiquette Problem And Solution

There has been a migration from one domain to another. is the new homepage for netiquette rules. A solution for barriers of engagement, common ground. Features that worked well were included in the migration. A short video about the new site follows.

Netiquette Problem And Solution


The problem that this new website solves better than ever is providing online communication rules we agree upon. Confidence in our messages comes from following proper guidelines. 

Misunderstanding is an issue. Engagement is more meaningful when messages are clearly understood. Using popular conventions is understandable. 


We can achieve meaningful interaction from effective communication using's set of best practices.

Browse the site to pick up a few tips that may be helpful. Bookmark it and use it as a reference. Check back often because it is getting better everyday.

There is a netiquette problem and solution. The personal goal for the site is to be the most trusted, most used, resource for online communication by providing tips, rules, and guidelines. More updated content is coming.

David Chiles

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

5 Netiquette Rules For Changing Domains

5 netiquette rules for changing domains are just the beginning. As it turns out, changing Universal Resource Locators (URL's) is the start of full fledge Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for many. Social Media and other accounts have URL's for which the rules may apply.

5 Netiquette Rules For Changing Domains

There is a lot to do. Google has four steps for submission of a change to the webmaster search console, which is one netiquette tip. 

5 Netiquette Rules For Changing Domains

  • Change page headers including metadata.
  • Change absolute references in links.
  • Implement redirects.
  • Submit change to Google Webmasters Search Console.
  • Share the new URL.

Changing online addresses may be done for various reasons. Following these steps will help old visitors find the new address. 

The new location often represents a maturation in web development. In my case it represents a beta site becoming an alpha site. There are only pages on the server connected to the menu hierarchy. No extras and experiments.

These guidelines will work for something simple or complex. For example, changing a Twitter handle. Sharing metadata includes it. No need to tell Google, but everything else applies. Following the conventions exactly is basic SEO required to change website locations. 

Do it when your ready. Be mature. Practice proper internet etiquette.

David Chiles