Friday, February 17, 2012

Netiquette & The Ten Core Rules

Netiquette is the religion of the internet. This is the definition. 
Netiquette: 1. The social code of the internet. 2. The social and moral code of the internet based on the Golden Rule of Netiquette. 3. A non-violent philosophy of effective internet communication that utilizes common conventions and norms as a guide.
The rules of netiquette are the common conventions of communication on the internet. The dos and don'ts. There are ten core rules of netiquette. These rules are the most common techniques used on the internet to communicate in a standard way.

Ten Core Rules of Netiquette

  1. Spell check and proof read all written internet communication because errors diminish the credibility of the message.

  2. Do not write in all capital letters because all caps are considered shouting when written on the internet.

  3. Tell the truth online because honesty creates the best online experience. Do not lie in account profiles.

  4. Do not do things online you would not do in reality. Be yourself, you are not anonymous.

  5. Do not flame or respond to flames because personal insults are uncivilized and netiquette is civilized.

  6. Do not spam or follow pop-up and spam links because they can lead to viruses, spyware, and malware.

  7. Be conservative in email you send and liberal in email you receive because quality is better than quantity.

  8. Do not send email at night because normal people sleep at night. Late night email may call your lifestyle into question.

  9. Shop secure sites with Transport Layer Security (TSL) or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) because it protects your data.

  10. Use discretion when sharing information online for personal and professional privacy reasons.
There are many different netiquette rules to follow depending on the domain you are in or the network you are on. Each web page has its own netiquette to some degree. Netiquettes are the broad categories of netiquette rules for the various different type of websites. 

The Golden Rule of Netiquette is the spiritual foundation of the philosophy. Do unto others online as you would have done to you. This is not to be taken literally, rather it is a call to be conscious of others in your online actions.

David Chiles
Principles of Netiquette

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