Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Internet Etiquette: Definition, Philosophy, & Rules

Internet Etiquette is online communication that makes everyone comfortable. 

The internet is a group of computers that are connected. Etiquette is a social code. That is the technical definition of the words network and etiquette. Combing the words into a term enables it to become a philosophy or part of one.

Internet Etiquette is the first layer beyond the core rules of netiquette in my Netiquette Philosophy. 

My Netiquette Philosophy is a set of rules I have learned from communicating extensively on the internet. The next layer is Digital Citizenship. It takes both to practice proper netiquette

Internet Etiquette is a term that is synonymous with Netiquette. I have used it interchangeably on my site.

A lot of it has to do with following. We have to follow before we can influence. 

Below are some introductory guidelines. These are ground rules. The official rules are on the website.
  • Follow the Golden Rule of Netiquette. The Golden Rule of Netiquette is to do unto others on the internet as you would have done to you. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Follow the core rules of netiquette. The core rules of netiquette are the top ten rules of internet etiquette that internet users follow. They are the most common internet communication conventions.
  • Be nice to others online is the sentiment of the Golden Rule of Netiquette. Being nice is something for all users to do in order to facilitate a positive cyber sphere.
  • Follow the rules of a website in order to have the intended internet experience and promote good behavior by all participants.

David Chiles

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