Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Efficiency is Good! The Wolf of Windows

Efficiency is Good! -The Wolf of Windows 
This the same in terms of society as saying Greed is Good during the junk bond bubble of the late 80's and early 90's in the United States. It comes from a line in a movie called the Wolf of Wall Street about a junk bond trader. He financed the internet through the telecommunications industry's junk bonds.

Efficiency is Good! The Wolf of Windows
This new version of the quote comes from my inability to find programming partners even though alpha and beta web apps have good traffic. Windows has the most users. When development becomes common more efficient apps will be created. It is a numbers game. The more developers the better the apps. 

Apple started Netiquette by creating a tight knit group of users and developers starting a trend that turned into an industry. It ends with Microsoft.

Developing software on Windows is not common. It requires hours of installation to set up a development environment. The variables change depending on the language and features used. 

Apple Mac computers come with development software installed. The time and difficulty of Windows programming make Mac's the computers of professional programmers.

They are expensive compared to Windows computers. The keyboard is different. Sales are diminishing. Chromebooks are outselling them now. 

A computer class system is developing, netiquette. Windows 10 is for middle class millennials or the one class we are creating with netiquette. Freedom and equality are a change in values. It is determined in new ways. Mobile is a necessity for Digital Citizenship

Join the trend! Don't be left out of the Information Age. Use apps for efficiency. Think about efficient apps. Build them in a windows environment. Make an effort to learn to program as we go back to school. Let's meetup and program. 

Efficiency is good! The Wolf of Windows

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