Monday, September 19, 2016

Reevaluation of Human Capital Through Digital Currency

Reevaluation of human capital through digital currency is making us all worth more. Good netiquette

From Cryptocurrency Miners
Digital currency is an electronic store of value accepted to process transactions for goods and services through the internet. Humanity is growing so fast that service jobs are becoming more valuable at a higher rate than high end positions. 

It's making us more equal by raising the value of traditionally lower wage roles and lowering the value roles that serve few people. We have been using credit since the 70's to increase wealth and now we have found a bigger way to do it. Whoa! 

This train of thought comes from Donald Trump's campaign for President of the United States, "Make America Great Again!". America is great. We may not feel as great as we are because we are in so much debt. We can make America a lot greater comparatively.

Startups are creating new business models. The companies that come from them (often several) are making a new class of workers rich. It's all digital. 

They are using financial markets to raise the capital that is administered digitally. The companies are helping more people than ever on a large scale. Technology companies are valued higher than more traditional business sectors.

A segment of this form of value is crypto currency. These are units of stored value exclusive to online communication. More volatile than paper or coin, fortunes have been won and lost dealing with them.

Join the reevaluation to make humanity better by paying people who help us more. Order from an online deliver service. Pay for it from an exclusively online account. Practice proper netiquette.

David Chiles

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